Heavy chains, and welded in!

With 200 feet of chain, fifty locks, and a heavy metal cage that is then welded permanently  shut, this is about as extreme as you can get when it comes to getting restrained.

Everyone suffers when the officer has a meltdown

When the officer cannot find his glasses he tries to find out who took them. His anger and the punishments escalate as he goes into a rage. 

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Don Jeremy

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Jimmy USMC

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Welcome to the world's leading porn-free male bondage website. Videos feature stories, sketches, full length movies, documentaries, reality series, demonstrations, and interviews. Being the variety show of bondage is a unique concept. We don't need moronic cranked out porn to make our videos exciting. We have been featuring creative, superior content since 2012.


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This website began December 12, 2012 in a small cage while I was a voluntary prisoner. While caged, I wrote about what it was like living in captivity. I had the goal to promote "bondage" as the normal healthy activity that it is for many people. I started putting up videos of my bondage play. MeninChains.com eventually grew into the most prominent porn-free bondage site on the internet. Now days, I am free when I shoot videos or run my jail, but at all other times, I live in captivity. I use to say that I live for bondage, but now I live in bondage. But I like it that way. Please note that this is a fantasy website. That means that it is not all real. It is for entertainment and educational purposes.

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What happens when nobody speaks the same language?

This is what happens! This is a video with some really hot men in chains who don't know what the heck is going on.

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Feature Film

Shown in five parts

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A young cowboy gets lured into getting restrained

Micky Mackenzie plays a young cowboy who allows the quirky foreman to restrain him like an animal in chains. 

Heavy hospital bondage, and very funny!

This video is a very funny sketch about a guy who is trying to escape a mental hospital by pretending to be a doctor. The video is very funny, and the restraints are over the top.

Mike Anderson

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Tony Orlando

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Mickey Mackenzie

The officer plays favorites with the inmates

It is 1971. A hippy is brought into the jail and the officer doesn't like his long hair. The other inmate has short hair and the officer treats him better just because of his hair. But that inmate is horrible.



​​​A small town is turning men into slaves: Appleville

This full length film features Jimmy USMC. He plays a man who is pulled over in a small town where he finds himself being trained to be a slave. Rated best bondage film of 2018

A bullied man gets his revenge

This quirky video is about a young man who was bullied when he was in High School. Now he is out for revenge. This is a quirky video, but it is cast well and is both humorous and also very dark. 











A man breaks into an empty jail and can't get out

Featuring Jimmy U.S.M.C.

A man breaks into what he thought was an abandoned jail. He finds some bondage gear and restrains himself in a cell only to be caught. 

Jimmy USMC is a former Marine who is really into severe bondage. So we give him what he craves. If you click on the image of him at the left you can see some of the videos that he has been in. Probably his most popular video is the full length movie, "Appleville". In May there will be a second "Appleville" movie. We look forward to getting him into more extreme bondage in the future too. 

SF Dom


Featured video from the archives







This is the picture of Bind that first appeared here.

Jimmy USMC

This site was created by Mark Bind while locked in a cage



The convicts are bad, and the warden is worse

A sadistic warden makes his inmates play "tie up games" for his amusement. Eventually the tables get turned. This two hour movie features Micky Mackenzie, Billy Bolton, William Noe, and Mark Bind as the evil warden.