This site deals with topics about bondage, homosexuality, religion, and freedom of expression.  This is not a porn site.  Images and videos on this website focus on bondage and not graphic nudidty or sexual acts.  My mission is to promote "bondage" and "homosexuality" as something normal, acceptable and mainstream in society.  I hope to help stop all forms of prejudice.  I suspect that some people may be offended by this content, so by proceeding you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in this Link.

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My name is "Bind".  Welcome to my world. This website began December 12, 2012 in a small cage while I was a prisoner and slave. I thought I would write about what it was like living many hours in a cage each day. I had the goal to promote "bondage" as the normal and mentally healthy activity that it is.  I featured pictures of my bondage experiences and wrote daily ramblings about my slave life the first year. Because of the need for the website to be able to pay for it's self, I started putting up videos of my own bondage play on a pay per view basis.  Near the beginning of my slavery I conceived and designed Mens Central Prison which was later built inside the two car garage of my Masters house. Run as a partnership with my Master, we invited guests to try out the cells as prisoners and named it Mens Central Prison.  I am now building a new private play space for my own personal use for myself and freinds.  I decided that it was time to slow down and with my current captivity am enjoying relationships.  I will continue to promote bondage as normal and healthy activity between concenting adults as my primary lifes work.

Note:  Please understand that this is a fantasy website for entertainment puposes. Those who have followed it over the years understand this, a few newcomers may not. Many of the videos, stories, and other content are fiction.  This means fantasy folks. I did not start a new religion for slaves last year.  It was a spoof.  there is not a real prison called Men's Central Prison.  I was not really buried alive for five days as shown on one of the videos, etc.  It is fantasy.   

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