Men  who  like  to  be  bound  and  imprisoned   

This website contains streaming videos of men in bondage. There is no graphic sexual content. This is not a porn site. Many of us want to see bondage but do not want to see adult sexual content. This makes this website very unique. Welcome to a no-porn zone!

New Creepy bondage videos October for Halloween

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Headed back from Georgia with the Van Cell

An exclusive look from the inside!

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Psycho-Bondage Dreams 2

The Prison Van Trip across America Series of 8 videos

Coming for Halloween October 25

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The Contract for Eternal Bondage

This website was created by Prisoner Bind while he was locked in a cage

Bind's Bondage Reports

Men  who  like  to  be  bound  and  imprisoned

I am a former escape artist who wanted to explore the idea of extreme non-sexual bondage. This website began December 12, 2012 in a small cage while I was a voluntary prisoner and slave. I would write about what it was like living many hours in a cage each day. I had the goal to promote "bondage" as the normal and mentally healthy activity that it is for many people. I featured pictures of my bondage experiences and wrote daily journal entries about my slave life the first year. After a while, I started putting up videos of my own bondage play. The website grew so large that I divided this website into two sites. Now this site shows only my videos. The other site has my pictures and writings. It is called  Please read my writings there.

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