Men  who  like  to  be  bound  and  imprisoned

Men  who  like  to  be  bound  and  imprisoned   

Slave Bind gives one of many reports about his bondage experiences from his cage. He made 15 Bondage Reports. These are fun reports with lots of interesting bondage and guests.

Two former convicts let us videotape them in a prison setting. If you like prisons, handcuffs, and hot convicts, this one is made for you.

This website contains streaming videos of men in bondage. There is no graphic sexual content. This is not a porn site. Many of us want to see bondage but do not want to see adult sexual content. This makes this website very unique. Welcome to a no-porn zone!

A man get his hands and feet set into wet concrete. When it gets hard, he is chained down and locked in a prison cell.

In this eight part series, three men take a trip across America in a real prison van. The deal is that someone has to be an inmate locked up in the back for the trip. This is a fun series of videos.

Here is a place where you can go and see what it would be like to go to jail. It is a realistic role play adventure where you can be the inmate. This video shows part of a role play adventure and has information about how you can be a prisoner there.

Available Summer 2017

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I am a former escape artist who wanted to explore the idea of extreme non-sexual bondage. This website began December 12, 2012 in a small cage while I was a voluntary prisoner and slave. I would write about what it was like living many hours in a cage each day. I had the goal to promote "bondage" as the normal and mentally healthy activity that it is for many people. I featured pictures of my bondage experiences and wrote daily journal entries about my slave life the first year. After a while, I started putting up videos of my own bondage play. The website grew so large that I divided this website into two sites. Now this site shows only my videos. The other site has my pictures and writings. It is called  Please read my writings there.

Check this out: A two hour movie!  It features a prison intake, chain hog tie, rope ties, chain ties, turned tables, a prison van, a barn beating, some very unique bondage, and a dark ending. In this story, a very sadistic and twisted warden is in charge. He puts hot sweaty inmates against each other in his twisted bondage games. But he better watch his back. The tables will be turned when he least expects it.

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Still Trapped in an Abandoned House

This creepy video is the next installment of a three part series. The "victim" played by me is still trapped in an old abandoned house. This video has some great leather bondage in it and lots of struggling. 

This is one of the most watched videos on this website. It is about a young man who was bullied when he was in High School. Now he is out for revenge. This is a quirky video, but it is cast well and is both humorous and also very dark. The actor who played Leroy is fantastic in his performance. Don't miss watching this.

Last Week's Video

This is both a funny and also very dark video about a correctional officer that screws up and ends up a prisoner. The tattoo on his back is real. It is put on his back as part of this video.

In this story, a hot young cowboy is lured into being hog tied by the foreman. The story is campy, but the bondage and the guy is hot! 

This website was created by Prisoner Bind while he was locked in a cage

Something is in the air. If you get infected you will first go crazy, and then you will turn into a zombie. But if they catch it fast enough, they will tie you down tight in a sleep sack and give you the antidote through a gas mask. Don't miss this video. It is action packed, has great bondage, but is also very funny.

A man signs a contract so that he can go through a procedure that will make him live forever. He should have read the fine print. He is wrapped and then cast, put into a box and it is screwed shut.  He will live forever, but it is on the terms of the contract.

Two men get mummified with duct tape to a wooden plank. This was an intense scene!