Men who like to be bound and imprisoned

This website was created by Slave Bind while he was locked in a cage.

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My name is "Bind".  Welcome to my world. This website began December 12, 2012 in a small cage while I was a prisoner and slave. I would write about what it was like living many hours in a cage each day. I had the goal to promote "bondage" as the normal and mentally healthy activity that it is for many people. I featured pictures of my bondage experiences and wrote daily ramblings about my slave life the first year. Because of the need for the website to be able to pay for it's self, I started putting up videos of my own bondage play on a pay per view basis. The website grew and I got to having so many videos that I divided this website into two sites.  Now this site is to show my videos.  To see my pictures and read my writings, go to  I am now enjoying my captivity in San Diego and will continue to promote bondage as normal and healthy activity between concenting adults. To find out more about me click on the banner:

This website contains videos and images of men in bondage. MeninChains has the goal to have no graphic sexual content. This is not a porn site, but it is not appropriate for children.