Men who like to be bound and imprisoned   

Don Jeremy

On December 22, Jimmy USMC will be wrapped up for the holidays in an extreme full body, face down, duct tape mummification. 

Cases Won or settled: 8   $254,000.00                 Cases lost:  0                      Pending cases: 3

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The "Variety Show" of Bondage

The videos in this website feature Mark Bind and friends. Some are stories and sketches where they play different characters. Others are documentaries, demonstrations, and interviews. Think of this as the variety show of bondage. It is a unique concept, and I hope you enjoy watching us. When you have a chance,check out my writings too. This is a fantasy website for entertainment purposes. 

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7 Part feature film 

This website began December 12, 2012 in a small cage while I was a voluntary prisoner and slave.  While caged, I wrote about what it was like living in captivity. I had the goal to promote "bondage" as the normal and mentally healthy activity that it is for many people. I started putting up videos of my bondage play. eventually grew into the most prominent porn-free bondage site on the internet. Please note that this is a fantasy website. That means that it is not all real. It is for entertainment and educational purposes.

Check out some of this season's men in chains stars!

When that "oh crap" moment happens and you know that you are screwed

A kinky officer decides to do some self bondage in a jail that had recently closed down. He is careful as he plays, but then he makes a fatal mistake.

Prisoners are stored on a shelf in the Mind Trap

This is a series that is done as if it were a campy Sci-fi show made in 1967 about a future in 1998.  As the series progresses, the story will develop, and hints to the secret of the mind trap will be revealed. See if you can figure it out before the final episode. 

Mike Anderson

Featured Videos this week

This website contains streaming videos of men in bondage. There is no graphic sexual content. This is not a porn site. Many of us want to see bondage but do not want to see adult sexual content. This makes this website very unique. Welcome to a no-porn zone!

A bullied man gets his revenge

This quirky video is about a young man who was bullied when he was in High School. Now he is out for revenge. This is a quirky video, but it is cast well and is both humorous and also very dark. The actor, A.J. Elmwood,  who played Leroy is fantastic in his performance. A.J. won the 2018 Iowa Puppy competition! Congratulations! was his official sponsor.

I have rated the videos by popularity and quality 

SF Dom Mr Munter

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​A punishment to watch

New Videos Dec. 22:

Jimmy USMC gets Sealed in Duct Tape

​Prison Hell 6:  "The Tables get Turned"

Everyone suffers when the officer has a melt down

Last Week's Video

Alex Colby

The officer has a meltdown when one of the inmates steals his reading glasses. It is a funny, as well as a dark, video about an officer who  is out of control.  As he boils over in rage, his inmates have to suffer the brunt of his sadistic anger.

Ever heard of a guy breaking in to jail?

Featuring Jimmy U.S.M.C.

A man breaks into what he thought was an abandoned jail. He finds some bondage gear and restrains himself in a cell only to be caught. 

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This is the original picture of Bind that first appeared here.

Jimmy USMC

Holiday gift wrapping

This site was created by Mark Bind while locked in a cage

Continuing weekly until New Years Day, this 7 part series is a re-edit of the former movie that was called "Prison". This version has several new scenes that have never been shown on this website. This is a terrific series of videos featuring Micky Mackenzie, Billy Bolton, William Noe, and of course Mark Bind as the evil warden.