Available April 3, 2020

Available May 1, 2020

A bondage thriller about two older men who operate a Bed and Breakfast. When a young gay couple come to visit, they discover that they all share the same interests in bondage. They play in the basement dungeon. It seems innocent at first, but the young couple are about to have a struggle for their lives. This three hour long thriller contains no pornography, and almost no strong language. There is some minor violence and suggestive gay content. The film is not rated, but because of the subject matter and intensity of the story, I would give it an "R". 

Available February 7, 2020

Starts February 7

Available March 6, 2020

Available August 3, 2020

Available August 7, 2020

Available July 3, 2020

Starring:   Lukas Tyler,  Steel Bond,  Dart Tech, ‚Äčand   Joseph Conch

Featuring:  Harold Monrow and W.A. Hangman. Additional cast: Robert Arkans, Cody York, Bandit and Mark Bind

Written & Directed by:  Mark Bind           *****  Best Video of 2020   

Available June 6, 2020