How to get a Subscription to this site

To get a membership, go to one of the videos and click on the triangle in the middle of the image that makes the video play.  It will usually play a ten second preview, or the first ten seconds of the program. 

After the preview stops, a banner will come up giving you the choice to either buy a one time view for $1, or a subscription for $11.99.

Click on the "buy now" button. It will take you to a CC-Bill link. Follow the simple instructions. (I only take Visa cards) 

Your password will be sent to you by email in a few minutes.  If you do not see it in a few minutes, check your spam.Contact me if there is a problem and I will help you. Often I am caged or in captivity without access to a computer, so I might not get back to you right away, but as soon as I am free, I will.

When you get your password, open up any of the videos on the site and when the banner comes up, enter or paste your password into the box and then push the button on the right and the video will play.

When you want to cancel membership, go to your account at CC-Bill and simply push the cancel subscriptions button.