Fig. 4  Two, slightly bent, legs are starting to take on a shape. 

Fig. 2  A few of the parts have now been welded together. Keep watching. we are just barely started with this massive project.

Fig. 3  It looks like a metal shoe. My foot even fits in it. This is because it is suppose to fit a booted foot. 

Fig. 1  Soldier Boy and Mark Bind are busy building something. A few of the parts have been cut out of the steel sheet. But what is it going to be?

Fig. 9 - 10   When we came in to work on the project today, we both thought that the butt area looked too flat and uninteresting. So we cut part of it out and modified it. Here is the back and front views. 

Fig. 7 - 8   Here is the front and back view of the back part of the legs up to the butt so far. 

Fig. 6  Bind has to keep getting inside to check the fit and to measure for each piece of metal that needs to be cut and fitted in. But before he can test it, the metal has to fully cool down. So this project is very slow and time consuming. 

Fig. 11 - 12  Every time we welded on another part, I had to get back into it to check the fit. In the picture on the right I am not only making a silly face, I am also holding my arms out in one of the ways that we might weld that part of the steel man cage. 

Fig. 19 - 20 Here is the back side so far. We have 40 man hours in it so far. The progress of this will need to stop until late February because I am heading out on location to shoot a new movie for this website. So check back in late February to see more progress. 

Fig. 17 - 18 Here are the arms and hands. The rest will be built as sections that lock down on top of this. We plan to have six sections that lock down over the body: each leg, each arm, the torso, and the face. The next thing we will be working on is the back part of the head. Then we will start building the top sections of this cage.

Fig. 13 - 14  At this point, we are already about 30 man hours into this project. We have no plans, we are just building it as we go. We do know that after we get the back side done, that we will do the top side as several pieces that will lock in place on top by using screws. We wrapped up the day by just starting to make the appendages for the arms. In the picture on the left you can see that it looks they are little wings right now. The area from the torso to the arms was one of the more difficult areas to work out.  

Something extremely strange, awesome, intense, and confining, is being constructed. Check back here often to see the progress on this hard metal bondage creation.

Fig. 15 - 16 We have worked our way down the two arms. There is a slight bend in the elbow area. I have the pieces cut for the hand.

Fig. 5  Bind cut more parts and Soldier Boy welded them together. This was the third day of working on this project.