Stay on the Roller Coaster

I see life as a great adventure. Unfortunately, not everything in life is fun, pleasant, or happy. It is like riding a roller coaster. There are up times and down times. Real roller coasters have only one track and you are destined to take the ups and downs as they come.  In life, you are in charge of some of the ups and downs of your roller coaster ride, but not all of them. Sometimes you just have to ride out the bad portions of life that you have no control over. But beyond those bad parts of the roller coaster of life are often sections that are thrilling, exciting, or fun. You don’t know what is around the next curve. If life sucks for you right now, stay on the roller coaster. Don’t get off of the ride early. Ride that roller coaster right to the end. It is the only ride you get. Think positive. The way that you feel today is not the way you will think and feel next week. Ride it out to explore the next curve. Stay on the ride to the end. ​