​​Do you want to be tied up, or to tie up someone in one of my videos?

Here is what I am looking for: 

Age: between 20 and 40.

Body type needed:  Thin or muscular, must not be overweight. (You guys watching my videos determine the body types by what you watch.)

You must have a positive attitude and get along with others easily.

You must be willing to be restrained, and to restrain others. 

You will be in videos that are similar to those on this website.

Your face will be shown. No pornography will be shot. I only videotape non-sexual bondage.

You will be provided with meals, lodging at the facility, and a lot of free bondage sessions. If you fantasize about the kind of things that you see on this website, this could be your chance to make it real.

To apply:  Contact me via email: meninchains@gmail.com