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Starring: Jimmy USMC, Mark Bind, Joseph Conch, Cody York, Robert Arkans, Mark Burnley, Dart Tech, Jenny Denver, Harold Monroe, and John Rubman  

I am working on a new movie for 2019 that will come on the heels of the hit film, "Appleville".  This will be a film that takes place in the same small town, but with a very different story.  You might remember Tom.  He is the wealthy guy who is controlling the Mayor.  He is running a factory where he has been developing a new virus for the government to use in possible germ warfare.  The new, very strange virus gets out and settles on the town of Appleville. They must find a cure or else everyone in the town will become like zombies. In order to find a cure, slaves are used for experimentation.  This is a video that will be about gas masks, hasmat suits, heavy rubber, encasement, and lots of very restrictive bondage. The same quirky Mayor, Sheriff  runaway slave, and bad guy Tom, will be back for this film. And of course, the star of the film, Jimmy USMC will be back.  In addition, there will be several new actors starring in this film. The planned release date of the first episode of this new film will be January 3, 2019.

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