Puppy Visits a Talk Show

This is a remake of a comedy video that was supposed to be so stupid that it was funny, but turned out just stupid. It didn't do well here, and I was about to just delete it, but then came up with an idea to have commentary going over it by a couple of old guys, who basically make fun of it all the way through. The result is that now it is even more stupid. Oh well. They are not all gems. You can tie up your sub and force him to watch this. It will be severe punishment for him. 

if you still want a membership after watching the preview of this horrid video, you must be a glutton for punishment. But if you really do want to subject yourself to this, click on the arrow and play the video preview. After the preview stops, push the "buy now" button. Follow the simple instructions and start watching amazing videos now! To cancel membership, which I am sure you will want to do after you see how bad this video really is, go to your account at CC-Bill and simply push the cancel subscriptions button. 

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