****  Best video of 2013

Officer Bind Becomes Prisoner Bind

This video, made in 2013 was given high marks when it was reviewed. In the video, Bind plays an officer as does Dan Hawk. In the story, Officer Bind falsely imprisons and taunts Officer Hawk. He gets caught in the act by the Warden. The Warden has had enough of Bind's screw ups.  Bind finds himself stripped of his role as an officer and imprisoned.  He is punished, given a prison haircut, and even an over the top real prison tattoo while restrained!  The video starts out somewhat comical, but ends up quite dark and serious. It is not rated but if I were giving it one it would be a strong  "R".  It has lots of strong language and disturbing bondage imagery. This is a bondage video that will reach into the darker corners of your fantasies.

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