Mark Bind's Contract for Voluntary Imprisonment

I do hereby make an agreement that at signing will be binding and in force.  I shall be called “prisoner” in this contract.  I agree that anyone who reads this contract can become my captor and keep me imprisoned.  At the moment that I sign this contract, I shall be, and desire to be, under full obligation to fulfill it.  I fully understand that once signed, I shall lose my freedom at any given time and be incarcerated by the terms of this contract.  I shall hold all persons harmless for any claims of false imprisonment.

As a prisoner, I am to submit to any person who captures and imprisons me. 

Any persons who have me captured, have the right to keep me captured. 

Those who capture me may assign another person to enforce the imprisonment of the prisoner.

As the prisoner, I shall have no rights except the right to food and maintaining health.

I agree that I shall be treated as high risk and high security.

I promise that I will attempt to escape and get free.

The captor may heavily restrict the prisoner with any restraints to restrict movement. 

The prisoner will have the right to a safe word when things get too painful or unsafe, but using a safe word will not end my imprisonment.

I agree that just because I ask or beg for release, the captor does not need to release me.

I promise that I will try to manipulate the guard to let me go free.  I agree and understand that my complete loss of freedom shall be strictly enforced by anyone who has captured me.

I fully agree to the terms of this contract. It is my desire to not be released from my imprisonment even should I change my mind later and wish to be free.  Being kept prisoner against my will is my will.