The following are ideas and comments that you guys wrote. We will try use as many of your reasonable ideas we can.  (It cannot be something pornographic.) 


Here’s another hour of enjoyment my love. I love you

how about a reprise of "the man in the iron mask"? (island prison optional)

shackled to cell door

mummified in tape, if possible.

back into your box .. dont lock it, just screw it closed


120 days are close....maybe 150? 180?

Those feet are begging for punishment. Make his feet suffer and then ridicule him, and point out that he won’t be talking any walks for a LONG time anyway, so who cares about his misery ........

Officer Bind, this is for the second hour you had me in the straightjacket. Can you see where this is going........?

It’s been so much fun adding to your sentence. Payback for your treatment during my incarceration at Hampton. Hehehe.


Officer Bind, This is for the first hour you had me in the straightjacket.

An hour is added because of the disappointment that he is still wearing socks!

I say make him eat off the ground one day. Love your secret admirer

find a large heap of screws - different sizes, metric, imperial - and a heap of nuts - mix well. now chain the prisoner up, gag him, put several layers of heavy gloves on his hands, dark sunglasses that have only a tiny part uncovered by black tape and have him put a nut on every screw (all the way back to the head) and sort them by size. and when he is finished have him undo this all

This next hour is for when you chained me to the wall of the solitairy cell. I was already behind three sets of doors, and wearing irons......but you had to be a jerk.

Put him in a full steel head cage/helmet. Then torture him until he screams, and he will be able to hear his screams echo nice and loud inside the helmet

Hey Officer Bind, you locked me up in the cage and in the hole when I was at Franklin County Jail. Thanks a lot asshole. I’m going to keep adding time until you never get out of that hellhole

Tell him his secret admirer just added another hour. Would love to have a jailhouse wedding with him

What about taking away his sight and hearing for 48 hours - having to wear a full enclosure mask the entire time (of course being fed food and water during the period - but without gaining sight and/or hearing during feeding-time). Would be exciting to hear the reaction video afterwards.

Not gonna lie the more hours I add the more I kinda fall For him. Is he single? Prison wedding? -love W

go, stand in the corner for the next 24 hours

gonna keep adding hours

screw the prisoner ... a mansized plywood board, an overall for the prisoner to wear, a cordless screwdriver, a box of plywood screws and a boc of washer .. screw the prisoner down on the board

PLEASE please gag this jerk more often, for everyone's pleasure.

fix him lying down .. and then have water dripping on his head ..

More more more

Why so little time barefoot? The subtraction of prison time should only be applicable if the prisoner is kept barefoot for the rest of his stay.

What brand of duct tape do you use? I want to buy stock in that company!

enjoy your lockup!

In one of the cages.

I think he needs a cellmate like Jimmy USMC.


120 days coming up.

crate him up in a wooden box, so that only his head looks out

Yes, I’m the same guy that wants the straitjacketed mummy and out that 3 times. Sorry lol I’m just clarifying which straitjacket I think would be best, since I just watched the video where Bind had a ton of jackets strapped onto him. The one with a ton of straps/buckles on the back would be the one I’d choose/my favorite. I think that one is the Guardian straitjacket from monkey dungeon? Whatever it is, that one and then mummify the rest of his body (head, legs, feet) with white wrappings of some kind. Then it’s bondage perfection for me. I’ll stop repeating myself now, hopefully you don’t mind XD

Just long term in a prison cell.

no human contact for 24 hours

rigid cuffs and irons for a day maybe with a head helmet

I’ll offer to subtract this time from Bind’s lockup if I can take his place for a while. Recon:

Gagged in socks and put a ballgag in his mouth,stuck a buttplug,the body wearing rubber suit and hood ,the ear plug on,wrapped with layer of film come along eith duct tape and one more layer of sleepsack and hood strapped tigjtly。Then one layer of bandage and one layer of ducttape then put layer of sleepsack and hood straped tightly more bandage came along with ducttape then chain to the bed with many many strapped and chains。Wrapped one more layer of film and ducttape the bed with extreme。

Another great day for Bind!

its time train those belly muscles . upside down suspension, hanging from his feet - to encourage a proper workout, put a barrel of water underneath his head and slowly start lowering

Whatever he hates the worst- he needs to appreciate his predicament. Few of us enthusiasts ever have the chance he does.

Time chained to the steel wall is the cell block. This would definitely be bind In Chains.

More time in the exercise yard.

discipline hood to black out all his senses .. and then hit him at ramndom times and locations with a cattle prod

Put some free videos around. Less than one minute. With the prisoner doing something like a tick tock challenge in restraints ;) Easy way to get lots of visits. And even more votes to keep him confined.

Bind needs to know that we're expecting his monologue. Maybe if he doesn't want to talk, you should ensure he can't talk. Huge gag and a hood?

heres another hour, just for you handsome -W

Extra punishment for botched monologue

hands and neck in a yoke .. feet shackled .. then chain him on a tradmil set to walking pace .. encourage as necessary ... stop eight hours later ..

Increase his lockup. Food restrictions should be applied for his monologue performance, extra movement restrictions, chains, straight jackets. Even strap him into a prison chair and made to sit and watch his guards having some fun.

Can we please clean shave him? Always makes the gags that much better!

I think Bind needs a cellmate. (response: Okay, we will work on that.)

150 days?

​Oh oh oh

Saw on Fet he had a rough day. Give him a little bit of reprieve. Subtract an hour.

Maybe third time’s a charm lol I just want you guys to take notice, maybe you will. That would be amazing. Mummify him with white wrappings, but leave the torso and arms for a nice white straitjacket. And stuff him in a white padded cell. Nice monochromatic straitjacketed mummy. Typing this out 3 times is probably overkill. But hey, it’s 3 more hours for him instead on 1 ;)

Back into his zentai (why not add one more layer?), blindfolded, gagged and muzzled, heavy bondage around him! If that's too cruel, use chains and padlocks to tighten the bondage but give him the keys - let him struggle to set free futilely!

Time in the padded cell. (reply: we heard you.)

Heard he was having a bad day, well to reward that here’s another hour


make him wear a wolf collar (with long external spikes) for a few nights

wish it was longer than an hour but , hang in there it onlys gets better

Would love to see the prisoner hogtied barefoot in the orange jumpsuit.

Padded cell time.


Put on 20 pairs of handcuffs and 20 pairs of leg irons just to keep him restrained but if he escapes a few pairs . Make him wear multiple prison jumpsuits so it’s extra uncomfortable and pot him in the underfloor cell

getting close to 100

Spread eagle in the basement.

Serious Bondage chair

Bury him in the coffin box.

Have an hour on me!!

steel cage and weld the door shut

Full body cast for one day.

95 is not enough

If you've got someone that's handy with woodworking, maybe you could build a "Cangue" ( http://www.pilloryhistory.com/chinese.html ) and let Bind spend a few days in it.

Have someone come in and weld leg and wrist cuffs on (and maybe a neck collar too). Tell Bind that so many people have voted to add days that it's going to be easier to just have the cuffs welded on.

The prisoner should be barefoot more often.

Wrap tape gag and mummify

steel helmet with a chain to the wall in the solitary confinement cell.

hanging suspension so that he can just use his toetips to give his arms releif .. than shove a metal plate under him and connect one pole of an estim to thep late and the other to any part of him, you like ..

fully bound and gagged and blind and deaf for one year only ungag to be feed and drink some unpleasant 2 times daily and locked in his cell like that for a year

in shackels and add ball and chain

Here’s another hour. -Love Will

come one everybody - we can make it an even 100

More time in the coffin box.

120 days!

Time in one of the bondage chairs.

90 is enough

and some more time, just for you

Restrain him in a maxcita sleep sack and then pour gallons of freezing cold water on top of him. That might eventually shut him up

Enjoy. Hopefully me next.

Thai prison foot shackles (no locks, just steel bent into shape around his ankles)

Massive, massive duct tape wrap gag should be required

Bind is complaining pretty hard about the ball and chain, so maybe a week of wearing it will help him appreciate it!

Show bind he has no control even over his own grooming. Make his nails grow uncomfortably long—at least 4-6 weeks. Then blindfold and secure him, immobilize his fingers and cut nails very very short or have someone put them invites, tighten them down and aggressively chew them off

not being allowed to sit or lie down for the whole day ..

Concrete hands and legs into 4 blocks and make him wear at once 3 orange and white prison jumpsuits with a wetsuit underneath

Time in the yard.

Love seeing updates on twitter.

weld a steel collar on the prisoner

I'd sleep well if I knew that he's locked in a good chastity belt

get a large bag and sew him into it .. (adding a serpent, a cock, a monkey and a dog and throwing into the sea is strictly optional)

Pee on him

Put bind in a canvas sleep sack and slide him into the underground cell in the intake room.

5 point heavy irons with a ball weight on his leg shackles.

next casting, just arms and hands, free of hand restraints.

I want to see Bind doing Hard Labor. I want to see the shower and toilet cleaned with a toothbrush while chained up.

Put him in a padded leather hood gagged with a blindfold, and continuesly play a humiliating track in his ears. While he is bound in a straight jacket and hogtied in the smallest cage possible.

irish eights both on hands and feet

Not sure if my last submission made it, there was an internet glitch. But if it did make it, then I guess I just added 2 hrs. Heh. Mummify him (including his head) with white tape/wrapping of some sort, but keep the torso and arms unwrapped. Those can be restrained with a white straitjacket! A straitjacketed mummy! In a padded cell to ramp up the whiteness and fun! Hope you have a *fun* lockdown!

He looks lonely, he needs some company. Play the book of Mormon, non stop, from cover to cover while he is restrained in some fashion. Who knows, maybe he might learn something from it.

Fuck him. He deserves to be locked up

Confuse Bind by making him wear as many inmate uniform he can possibly wear at one time. Hey Bind, put this on, oh by the way, put this on too, and this, and this.... Once he has the appropriate layers, make him lay in the hole in the ground. We wouldn't want him to get cold laying under that floor now, would we!boot licking, your leather boots needs some organic polishing

spread eageled out in the sun ..

make him wear a diaper

Hello very good

How about some time wearing a dog cone collar?

Can we get to 120 days?

The arms are restrained with a white straitjacket, while the rest of the body (including the head, legs, feet, etc.) is wrapped up tight with white wrappings (maybe something like gauze wrapping). So basically, a mummy with a straitjacket. Maybe put him in a padded cell too, so it’s all white. In the end, you get one insane mummy  [😁]  So yeah, it’s not like one of those full body straitjackets. He’d be mummified with wrappings of some kind, and he’d have a regular white straitjacket.

huge body cast...week or two in it.

In the "cell" under the intake room floor.

Hoping we're going to see Bind in a body cast!

Barely able to move.

chain him in the center of the room .. collar to ceiling, legs widely spread chained to the ground ... hold the arms out horizontally (perhaps splint the arms so that they cannot be bent?) .. whenever the hands go above or below a certain level, its punishment time

Heavy irons, neck collar, ball and chain, black and white strips for 24 hours.

I'd still like to see Bind spend a long time with his hands cuffed behind his back. Maybe in a heavy leather hood that he can't take off.

Here’s another hour prisoner. Hope you enjoy it locked away like the animal you are

ball and chain . .one to each leg, one to each hand one to the neck .

Concrete his hands into a block so he can move them and do the same with his feet

never ending bondage

Put him heavy chains in a cell with a screem hood or diprivitation hood

So Bind is complaining that he doesn't know what's going on in the world...if you really want to torture him, put him back in his cell, set up a TV just outside the cell door, tune in one of the cable news channels, and leave the TV on for 24 hours. He'll be sorry he wanted to know what's happening in the world!

back into the doggie cage

shave only the middle of his head. The total opposite of a mohawk.

Time in a bondage chair.

Keep him in his cell all day.

Heavy shackles and closely chained.

Keep him locked up .... He is a danger to society.

give him the water cure (hannig upside doen, suspended on his ankles , over a large buket of water .. sometimes dip him into it

He needs a tighter gag!

Put bind in the exercise yard tomorrow with plenty of water, it is going to be HOT. The NWS is predicting a heat index of 105.

Wonder if ever released. Haha

Lock him down 24 7mark will love it your friend greg fry

Great work. Especially in the padded cell and now in the metal doggy cage. Maybe best treatment now is to punish him or put him in stress every time he is out of the cage or cell. Goal, he will long to get shut in each time he is out.

A 6 hour period in one of the bondage chairs.

back to the padded cell!

Yard time. bind needs to get outdoors more. Perhaps with an orange bandana COVID-19 face mask.

Time spread eagle in the basemen. Perhaps getting tickled in his special spot. With enough persuasion he will tell you where it is. Or, maybe one of the guards already knows.

I’m going to be captured and put into prison myself

how about a good old-fashiooned strappado?

Good evening meninchains. I love your work and would love to speak with you (Bind) personally sometime. I doubt that will ever happen but I can only dream. (you can contact him through this website.)

Strict hogtied mark bind with jimmy sock gagged with dirty socks left to struggle rest of the day

He needs stricter control, increased movement restriction, restriction of hearing and speech and sight. Chained to the wall or floor, shackles, chastity...

More time on the top of the box in the bird room.

gas mask and random controlled intake cavle .. on average open only 10 seconds out of 60

poor mark

A full eight hours in the intake cell creating videos for the web site. Leg irons, with the chain between the cuffs connected to a longer chain with the other end locked to the building.

Wow, just watched the recent videos, he talks a lot huh? Looks like he should be gagged more often in bondage, the fact that he can scream at you like that is unacceptable. That's a big mouth. More tight tape gags for sure.

Tied and gagged tightly in a wetsuit please!

padded cell for a long time is needed I think ... but as he is quite noisy I'd add a hood I think :)

no, no. no .. you wont get out THAT easy ..

Looks like prisoner is mentally ill. Isolation and restraints are working well with him. He should take his medication too. Some nice coloured pills Combined with other treatments like cold showers or rotational theraphy or other therapies invented by the prison staff ;)

I suppose you could fill that padded room with lots and lots of pillows, the more dangerous he is the more pads he needs, right?? lol

Padded cell time. Hobbles. Muzzle.

its fucking tuff

Total isolation would be great. From head to toe, restrained and stored in the padded cell.

hands chained behind back .. ring / spider gag firmly installed .. now plug his nose (the expanding foam ear plugs work well) .. now leave him alone and after a few hpurs he will realize that even gettingp lain water is a privilege to grovel for

In the box in the bird room, in a.straitjacket.

A day in the exercise yard with leg irons and a basketball.

Time in restraint chair


If you do a baby/diaper theme, add an adult size one piece baby theme clothes with the buttoned buttom for diaper access. You can even buy one online thats inmate theme. Force Bind to wear that while shackled and cuffed for 24 hrs in his metal crib or cage. Dont forget the baby food too.

Bind should be forced to wear a diaper, if he's gonna act like a baby, we will treat him like one. Make him wear a diaper while in spreader bars. Buy him some baby food, and a rattler or something.

Funny how Bind always wanted to be an inmate and yet he hates being an inmate when it's not under his terms. Inmates has no rights, he gave that up. The best he can do is follow instructions and maybe get some privilidges back. aybe even become a trustee and clean the jail. But poor Bind, all he does is bitch and we're suppose to feel sorry for him, haha, hell NO. And for that he deserves to be punished. He has to spend 24 hrs in his cell with spreader bars, both feet and hands for 24 hours. Good luck eating, sleeping, or taking a shit!

And if Bind is that goddamn bored being in the cell all by himself, get couple loudspeakers and play something to keep him company. Distorted loudspeaker is all the prison can afford, but i'm sure Bind is itching to listen to the Mormon Bible from cover to cover. Tou know how church helps people find God again.... hehe IZ  One more thing, if he is still in need of psych ward, if you can find a fullbody harness, like a Guardian Fall construction tux or something, put that on first, then straitjacket over that, leaving the rear hook exposed, and let him swing off of the harness while freefloating inside the straitjacket. Do as you wish with his legs.

Nur EINE Stunde ? NEIN !!! 100 STUNDEN !!!

Schädel KAHL rasieren. Gestreifter Jumpsuit. Hals-, Hand-, Hüft- und Fußeisen. Schwere Ketten.

Chained to the wall with hands behind his back

Time in wetsuit and bondage

I dont think he has learned his lesson. He needs to be sentenced to more prison time.. Hard labour and more restrictions and no parole

and one more hour - it would be a shame to break this experiment up too early

Just realized I’m the reason for at least one full day he’s Been locked up. Here’s another hour -Love Will

Time in the chainmail straitjacket.

weld his iron cuffs on.

Hours in the box in the bird room.

Hope this becomes a life sentence

Spread eagle in the basement. Plenty of padding.

keep going!

Straitjacket in the padded cell.

Schlimmer geht immer ...

Keep him locked in chains.. Lots of chains and chastity Posture collars and gags.

Bind should be buried up to his head.

Tied eagle in the basement on a comfortable pad for at least three hours. Dressed in a prison uniform, with nothing underneath. Every five minutes or so tickle his most sensitive spot for.about 15 seconds. You can ask bind for the location!

Some rigid metal bondage please! Neck to wrist!!


Oh man, day 33 was amazing. More duct tape and humiliation please! We all know Bind deserves it heh [also glad you all finally shaved him!].

Time in the chain mail straitjacket.

Happy 4th!!! Enjoy another hour of lost freedom

Did not get much of a chance to catch the videos this week, so am no catching up. Love that you got it in the double sleepsacks for a full 24 hours. When you it is put in restrictive bondage, the next time needs to push it further. Next time in the leather sleepsack and chained, it must go 26, then the next 28, etc. Things like strict hogties, if it goes 2 hours, then the next time 3 hours, next then 4 hours. Every time stretching object further. BTW, it needs to be gagged 24/7/365 except when mouth needs use for eating or when speaking to guards. Loved seeing that it can water itself with gag on!

Keep him bound in a vac bed.Eight hours in the exercise yard.

A day in a cage.

Long term isolation in strait jacket and padded cell

bind deserves to remain locked up for the rest of 2020. a new chain should be added with every passing week.

Just keep bind in his cell all day. Perhaps for a week or more.

Strapped into a straight jacket and feet and arms fixed into the under floor cell . Then have cold water poured onto him and leave him in damp clothes for days. Make him where 5 prison jumpsuits underneath the straightjacket

He should wear Latex the whole day

The prisoner is getting a bit lazy. Some forced execises in restraints would be good for him Impressive work Congratulations

duct tape him to the wall - or ceiling ..

Spread eagle.in the basement for hours. With a pad under bind. Perhaps a chuck too in case he has an "accident".

Here’s another hour -Love William (Note to William:  Bind asked us about the phone call that he had with you. You have him thinking that China and Korea merged into one. When he finds out that your punked him he won't be very happy with you.)

Posey restraint net on top of the gray box. Preferably with a diaper or catheter so bind knows he will be there a LONG time.

hands cuffed behind back

Damn, I love this site, what a truly great idea! I say mummify him really super tightly with tape and/or rope for days. Also, please clean shave any of that remaining facial hair off so all gags can be pressed up as tightly as possible against his mouth. This will ensure the complete and total sealing of his lips shut with absolutely zero friction or wiggle room. Better to be safe than sorry and we all know Bind can be a real whiner. Hoping he stays like this for a long long time.

can we have a classic tiger cage, please

Life sentence

Place Bind in a leather straitjacket, leather jeans, leather gag

My partner and I have always thought Bind was really really annoying. That said, please humiliate him with as many tight ties and gags as possible for our amusement.

Get a couple bags of manuer (cow shit) and dump it on top of Bind while spread eagle in his boxer

Rubber dog

Should add someone else to lock together with Bind.

Ankle spreader bars wider than the width of his bunk. He can either try to sleep on his bunk with the spreader bars, or on the floor, but if he sleeps on hte floor, he isn't allowed to use his mattress.

Mark Bind has always talked too much. Keep him imprisoned and maybe also tape his big mouth shut!

Definitely tickling!!!

This will be infinite

Need to see more of Bind hogtied. The video for day 29 was hot!

Heavily chained to a chair, post or cage. Thanks.

Make Bind wear an orange jumpsuit backwards followed by wearing a straitjacket backward (arms bind from behind instead of front). This will the guard to tell Bind how "ass backward" he is.

Straitjacket in a cage

More tickling of Bind's feet and legs! I'm adding an hour specifically devoted to tickling.

Suffer bitch

Enjoy. Can we get a thing to show how much time he has left?

I the intake cell with a steel collar and steel ankle cuffs locked to the bed with short chains.

white bed sheet mummification

chair bound sounds great

Force him lick Dart's boots.

Isolation in a straight jacket and padded cell

Shackles and chains. Forced hard labour Keep him locked up...

Time in the yard. Best with leg irons.

i would like more handcuffing behind the back

Should tell Bind its time for the mohawk to go, but only shave the mohawk and let the rest grow out so only the middle of his head gets shaved.

Two days, 48 hours.tied.down in his cell or on top of.The box with a chest strap and cuffs on both bind's wrists and ankles - with short control straps. Muzzle between meals? Yep bind will need to be feed, watered and diaper changed. Perhaps blind.folded part (all?) Of the time.

Not much different.

Every hour in the cell is a pleasure

Would love to see a full leather or a full rubber prisoners situation.

it is getting hot and the prisoner needs some cooling down. put him into a canvas straight jacket and canvas legsheet .. then put him into a bath tub with cold water - add icecubes to taste

Locked in the outside yard with legions locked to the table.

hands cuffed behind back for long long hours at a time

On top of the box in the bird room tied down with the Posey restraint net.

i hope this never ends!

Handcuffs behind back, legs shackled, with collar chained to wall.

Why are Binds nails still so short after nearly a month of captivity? The videos have never shown anyone cutting them and he should not be allowed to cut them himself. Make them grow out for at least a month then bind his fingers and show them being chopped back very short. Also more thumbcuffs time even overnight!

get a jesus christ peeing statue, peeing water onto Bind while restrainted on the floor

Are you guys in Iowa? I am in North Central Illinois :)

FOrce Bind to lick Ted's leather boots? If he doesn't then he has to wear nipple clamps through the bars.

Just need to keep voting to reach 96 days to make full use of my 3 month subscription hehe.

Love it

secure the prisdoners hands in whatever way is convenient. make him wear an large empty backbag both on front and back. make him straddle a saw horse with spread legs - chain the feet to the ground to immobilie him .. the saw horse should not (yet) touch him anywhere, because there is a metal strip on top that is connected ot an estim (other pole is connected to the feet). then start slowly filling both backbags with ballast (whatever is handy and heavy - loose gravel, waterbottles, or if bladder tanks are available, a large bladder tank in each backbag that is slowly being filled) lets see how long the prisoner can keep standing

I hope the chains are tight

Shaved prisoners head

keep him to be as bondage object.

You should shave Bind's head and body with him in chains :)

have Jimmy USMC join the prisoner in punishment contests

In the bird room box have bind in the darby ankle and wrist sets padlocked together in front of him.

Whats the max amount of restraints the prisoner can wear and still move around the prison? That would be an interesting experiment.

I wanna do the same!

Earplugs, blindfolded, muzzled, with legions attache to a low fixing point and hands behind the back with a cuff belt on.

Way to go! Bind will be at 90 days in no time. Is anyone keeping a written record as to long it is in each bondage?

put his feet into stocks .. give him a safeword. start tickling his feet (goat and salt water optional), once he safewords, start flogging or caning his feet. once he safewords again, its back to tickling

hope to see military prison

Love this idea! Such an impressive commitment to bondage! You have my respect!

Give him a bit of release, then back in prison

Enjoy your permanent lockup!

Subtract an hour:  Set him free.

Add an hour Because I’m jealous!

He should be stripped down and chained in a sweat box to bake in Iowa's summer heat and show us a running river of sweat.

Gotta pass a stinky fart next to him when he is all tied up. Watching him struggle unable to source out for fresh air is priceless

Screw with his mind between tickling and flogging while blindfolded.

Subtract an hour: it's bad enough having a government lockdown, let alone against you will

Strapped to the steel wall inside the cell block. Wrist and Ankle cuffs, straps on the legs at the crotch. A strap at the waist and chest. Straps on the biceps. All of the straps locked on the outside of the cell block.

haha eat shit you bitch

Hes plotting his escape... Keep him locked down with extra chains and more solitary confinement

Assign him to write (journal) every day. I like reading his stories.

Great combination handcuffs plus thumbcuffs. In other situations could you add cuffs and shackles to forearms and arms too. All conected to the metal collar , prisoners belts, and chains and padlocks around body. Chain from wrist cuffs through the buttocks and groin connecting to the prisoners belt. Also legs with multiple cuffs/shackles over/under knee, calf, anckle , instep and big toes. Thanks and congratulations. Incredible work you are doing. Both of you.


​Bind needs a new hair style. Now it's time to reverse his hairstyle. Get ride of the mohawk and keep that part of his head shaved, and let the rest grow out.

​I know Bind was raised with a strong value set, including truthfulness. So when I saw his earnest and sincere plea to be kept locked up even longer, how could I not oblige!

​In the padded cell.

​Placed in the yard, ankle chained to the table, and pants the selfbondage chair to his color preference.

I'm still suggesting to lock him into the new metal full body cage. Would be nice to see it in action! (Note from staff: We are working on it. We need to get a missing part of it shipped in from Arizona. Hopefully we will doit for you in a few weeks)

​Inmates contribute greatly with their services, and sometimes the greater reward is to be useful. Put the, prisoner to work. I am pretty sure there lots of stuff he can do. Painting, cleaning, repairing, build / make a new restrait / item he will end up testing, etc Extra income Prisoner could craft elaborare small items. Make them, videotape the prisoner while making them, and put them to sell. So anyone can have a piece of binds time. Thanks

​Show the new ways to transport prisoners like ASP transport kit (rigid cuffs, arms in front) or the Secure fit restraint mitts. Tied down bed with institutional restrains Extreme heavy shackles. Thanks

​Tied down the prisoner securely to a wheelchair or moving chair and keep him there or move him from one place to another to show how effective it is. Thanks a lot

​Different types of overkill bondage In ropes. Chains. Institutional restraints. Layers, force the prisoner to wear multiple layers , each more confining that the previous. Mummification. Storage. Plaster, fiblerglass, rigid. Fixed points bondage. Bar, cell jail, cage. Isolation. ear plugs, gag, eye patches, tape mummification, hoods and gasmask for no smell too. Combined with full body and hands(gloves and mitts) feet isolation. Chains and padlocks so he can move but he cant remove anything. Thanks for reading this.

​Show how special prisoner bind is. The multiple levels of restraint. Usual prisoners, just handcuffs for restraint. High risk prisoners, prisoners belt, full prisoner restraint system. Bind, added shackles, arm cuffs, etc. Special added treatment. Add a hood, and then help the prisoner to get inside a body sack. Once inside, prisoner is zipped, strapped and let to enjoy his "special" treatment. Thanks

​Several combination padlocks keeping him restrained. All padlocks different numbers of course. No release until the prisoner opens all the padllocks. If prisoner ask for release before that, have a punisment/chore/ overkill bondage ready . Thanks

Keep the prisoner busy doing useless chores. Like having chickpeas, lentils, beans, all together and mixes in the same container, and prisoner has to separate them. Another more humilliating option. Hands cuffed and mitted. He has to use the mouth to separate and spit the chickpeas and beans in separate containers.

Bind is behind on his daily journals. A punishment is in order!

Prisoners should be completely hairless and naked at all times

Gotta make him wear a diaper and do the Posey straitjacket challenge, 24 hours...

Make him wear a straitjacket backward

Very good

stufio gun sleepsack

Keep his vitamin D up, I want to stay healthy so i can watch him enjoy his bondage for the next few months since he isnt alledgedly going outside at all...

Put on a diprivitation hood

tied tightly to a commode chair inisde the isolation cell penis gag locked in with a long tube leading outside when the doors locked the tube is connected to a bottle full of liquid food then left alone for 24/48 hours.

Want to see him in buried bondage

any chance to get a victorian time prison crank installed in his cell - 10000 turns to earn breakfast, another 20000 turns to earn lunch and dinner each ..

I just want to say thank you for putting him in yellow

permanment chastity would be good

Hands cuffed behind back for 24 hours please... leg irons too, of course.

TIme to punish Bind because his behavior has caused day 20 to be only a sub 4 minute video.

24hrs locked in cuffs or bed restraints...if in the cell down tothe bed in 5 point restraints with a hood no sight allowed. When time for being out of the cell switched to full transport cuffs in a blue box and into a restraint chair staying hooded. Transported to the rec yard and released only from the chair to walk about. Hood and cuffs stay on. Rec yard time done back to the chair, back to the cell and back into the 5 point. Hood stays on and no communication by the prisoner.

How many differente exercises can he do in restraints? Jumping jacks, Bodyweight squats, Push-ups, etc. Maybe some yoga too. Keep him fit. Thanks

How long can the prisoner be gagged without problems? Whats the most secure and safe gag a talkative prisoner can wear? Once he is wearing it, lets see him try to speak or make sense through the gag. Thanks

Tie his fingers and toes. Cut his nails down so he can’t scratch guards. Make them so short it hurts!

Force Bind sitting on the fllor, indian position, and his head leaning forward. Ankle restraints, right ankle chained to the left wall, and left ankle chained to the right wall. This will prevent him from exiting the sitting position. His neck collar chained to the wall in front of him. His hands, non-restrainted because he cant escape when cfhained cross-legged. But you could always handcuff him to his neck collar or something.

All day out of the cell in the box in the bird room. Only cold oat meal to eat.

I think the prisoner will have mental issues sooner or later. He should spend some time institucionalized and under strict control too.

Feed him food that are known for having a rotting smell. I would give him a durian fruit or something if I could.

Hog tied. Not very tight. Several bours.

Take a marker and write a homophobic word "faggot" on his forehead.

Prisoner in a small box. With also a cam inside of it so the captor can keep an eye on him.

If prisoner had to be transporte to a new facility without any chance of escape or to call for help or beein noticed. How woud you pack him?

Inside a metal cage with metal head cage, metal mitts and shackles. Then the captor starts to add more chains and padlocks connecting the prisoner to the cage, top , bottom, sides , front and back.

Inside the crypt cage, head first. Feet throuhg the bars, shacked

prisoner into full body rubber suit, gas / scuba mask with furll face transparent shield .. breating through hoses. prisoner into cage, submerge cage into swimming pool, with breathnig hoses tied to a buoy bobbing in the water ..

Keep the prisoner in chains and conected to a fix point. Have fun throwing messy items to him, like ballons filled with paint, mud, or water. Captor has fun, prisoner , not so much.

24h in a vacbed!!!

Everytime I add an hour I spread this link to try to get more people to add. I hoping out for you

Here’s an hour, thank you for living out my dream

Should put him in solitary completely bound for a full day

Another hour from me. Hope you stay there forever

packed/sealed airtight without escape

Suffocation techniques

Keep hom locked up..

Just adding my daily hour to your sentence. -Love William

plastercast his fingers, hands and arms so that they are immobile and unusable .. he either has to bne fed by hand or eat from a bowl like an animal

I think the prisoner has too much freedom to use his hands. Bind them behind his back. As a standard. He should be able to use them only when absolutely necessary.

I would love to see more useless hands for the prisoner. More mitts, with added chains/cuffs or heavy gloves, alone or from the full heavy suit. Thanks

Prisoner in bondage inside a cage, that cage inside a second cage, and both inside a cell. Triple storage

Would be nice to see some breathcontrol in a dive helmet or gasmask.

Wrapped in stretch wrap with duct tape over the top. Start with a baseball or softball in each hand to keep bind's fingers busy.

Bind needs more small confined caging

Go, go, go!

Anti-Coronavirus- treatment for the prisoner. How to treat prisoner in these times.

convict Bind is very disrespectful to the officer and needs to be shaved bald for his insolance

Lay him on his belly with ankle spraeder bars, bend his knees at 90 angle, secured in place. And his arms spread out at an angle secured accordingly. Surprise him with a cold bucket of water if he caught sleeping. Or dump it on him anyways lol

I want to see bind pace around the yard in full transport chains and wearing an orange jumpsuit

Chained to the table in the exercise yard (to enforce social distancing).

Strappado and kneeling.

Roll the tied prisoner in a giant blancket. Add lots of ropes around, Let him struggle around, move and roll around the cell.

Prisoners arms shackled behind its back. Connected with a short chain to the head, tight, puling the head backwards. Ankles also connected to the wrists, so if he wants to get his head in vertical, he has to lift his arms and bend the knees a bit. Keep him standing like that and enjoy the situation.

Prisoner half hanging upside down. Torso touching the floor. Let him there for some time, moving, struggling with the situation.

Prisoner stores inside a cage. Put the cage in suspension, hanging, so each time the prisoner moves or try to, the cage swings too.

Heavy collar, corset, rigid leg and arm binders. Limit the prisoner ability to more around and do the usual routine. And see how he manage to see, walk, lay, etc

Change the prisoners hair colour. Green, blue, orange (to match the uniform), etc

A place for the prisoner to walk around in circles. Heavy chains on him and he has to walk x times all around for execising.

packed/sealed perfectly for tranport. Inside a bag, box or suitcase. Move around to show how easy to transport him.

Uh oh, Bind been caught playing with himself when going to the bathroom, something needs to be done about that, no restraints required except for his hands, needs full immobility of hands. If he wants something, well, he will just have to find another way, wont he, its not our problem he broke the rule, that would make it an interesting day....

A pair of gloves with extended bamboo tips at the end, start off at the pad of the finger, or tip of finger. The main function of this method is the inability to easily use your finger, almost mimmicking someone with extremely long fingernails, but more pervasive.

I'm glad to see the count increasing!!

Saran wrap him and do the droplets of water on his forehead for an hour or two, or three.... IZ

The plastic saran wrap, the industrial type for wrapping goods on a standard pallet. Perfect mummification. Wrap his torso, not arms, then wrap arm separately, but not hands, then wrap arms and torso together, and put his hands in a humane restraint leather mitten or similar, and then wrap that in plastic. Wrap each legs, then wrap both legs together. And go from there!


I’ll add an hour as long as it is in his strict bondage casket.

Long term stress position

Spread eagle in the basement SW room with a muzzle, orange jump suit, boots and gloves (or tapped hands). Tickled in bind's sensitive spot frequently.

Spanking and beating with a thick application of Deep Heet after

24 hr lice cam would be fun, just to make sure bind is doing what he is suppose to be doing. HOw do we know he isnt just doing bondage only when the camera is rolling? (note from Harvey: We looked into a live feed. The costs of it would have required a separate membership. Viewers would have been limited to an hour a day and would have had to pay $30 per month. We decided that most people would not want to pay that much. Live feeds use too much bandwidth.)

Enter cell, dragging a welding kit .. weld his annkle and hand cuffs shut and a chain leash to his collar and cell wall laugh, "you are going to stay here for a long, long time" and exit

Keep him permanently locked away. No parole or leniency. Strict lockups and punishments...

Public chat were people could write to the prisonerand and captor chat about the experience so far and the multiple scenarios.

Prisoner has to go into bondage. He resists or negates. Prisoner is then forced, as punishment into a more secure and strict version of the same bondage. Simple and effective rules about how to control, enforce and correct in such situations.

Loved the overdone bondage leather straitjacket plus chains and padlocks. More like that. Fistmitts plus shackes. Straitjacketed plus institutional restraints plus cage. Heavy rubber or leather suit plus full bed restraint system Tied and sacked or sleepsacked. Etc Thanks

More from the daily routines. How to have under control the prisoner while eating, exercising, cleaning, etc. Trick and tips to make it all possible and secure. What to do if the prisoner resists or negates?

get the straitjacket

Keep him locked up till the end of the year No mercy! Hard punishments and strict rules and regulations. Constant monitoring and control...

Put Bind in a harness followed by a straitjacket, in which the harness is hooked to an electronic varibld speed spinner, in which the speed he rotates while suspended can be controlled remontely.

the wooden clothespins, lots of them. Bind locked up and have as many clothespins pinching him as possible.

Hog tied with the Hiatt handcuffs and legirons with just a padlock between the center rings. Several hours at least.

He isn’t getting out!

More chains, more restrictions, more lockdown, remove more of his privileges... Keep him in perminant lockdown..

An hour extra again, enjoy!

it sure needs to learn obedience! Hopefully it will come out of the experience and be a much better slave.

Another hour from me to you, I hope you spend the rest of your life in there

Hook him up in full transport restraints, lock him in the cage in the prisoner transport van, drive him to my house to perform manual labor in my back yard. (heh heh heh)

Keep up the great work!!!!!!

A nice video about a secure multilayered gag. Maybe ending up with a fully mummified head too.

Put a number to every suggestion send it. Prisoner chooses a number, random, and the suggestion selected is done.

Heavy rubber hood., transparent, nose holes only. Prisoner would look great in it. If possible, add over it after some time another hood , not transparent, only nose holes, or no holes but breathable and opaque.

Mitts, shackles, chains and padlocks. A new and more secure version of a prisoner.

Padded cell time.

Can you shove anything up his rear and not be pornographic? I don't need to see that, I just want to hear Bind whimper

Time in a straitjacket.

Could be spread eagle on bed with chains and privation mask

I love adding at least an hour to your sentence a day. Enjoy. Hope you never get out

He was whipped once, however he was too loud. He needs to be disciplined to be more quiet when getting whipped/belted. That head gag on day 16 seems to keep him more quiet. Perhaps thats or similar is needed next time he needs to be spanked for disciplinary purposes.

Needs locked for a long time

Shave his mohawk but let the rest of the hair grow

whatever music style he likes least or hates most - play it in his cell for 24 hours on top volume

More chains, more paddocks, more lockup.. More.more.more

Doing great, PRISONER!!!

The longest .. the best

he gets to be a vegan for a day, vegan cheese, vegan bologna, and gluten free bread, walmart brand or store brand. I just hope you buy the one that doesn;t taste good or at least have low reviews.

Treat him to a couple of seriously outdated MRE's, I am sure he will find it, lets say, edible. lol

Make Bind wear a female ballet dress and stress poisition forcing him on his toes for a short duration, but tease him that he will be like that for hours....

Some yard time.

Rot in prison fuck face

prepare Bind for transport to a maximum security prison. Transport chains, black box, tubes, shackles, hood. The transport van is late so he'll have to sit in his cell waiting.

Bind wears an orange jumpsuit, this is one you will have to throw away when you are done with it. Take a nail gun and nail an outline of Bind body through the edges of the jumpsuit. If you do it right, he won't be able to break free, This one should be a surprise bondage Maybe put the jumpsuit on backward? Give a go, see how it plays out.

while in confinement, he needs to be forced to listen to the entire book of mormon without interruption. Eye covered and headphones on.

handcyff him through the bars, or even nipple clamps through the bars will work too...

Hi mark this is Blaine. waterboarding

Make Bind lick your boots, nothing like a clean pair of leather boots.....

The way his head cage clanks around in his bunk while trying to find a comfortable position is just perfect

Perminantly lock him up. Keep chained up and chaste.

can we have a comfy chair? the one with spikes on the seat?

Too bad the liquid diet was short live

I am sure Bind would like some "whine" with his next meal he eats with the head cage on.

Mummified bound on the bed with hood and breath control.

Think about how you wanted this

White socks and shackles

Prisoner bind often complains that his irons are cold... why don't you put them into a freezer for a couple of hours before use on him...to make them even cooler!! Laurent

how about a wooden cangue or wooden stock?

Give him a lifetime sentence. No possibility of parole.

Tied down in a straitjacket on the top of the bird room box for at least four hours. Muzzled.

I love adding an hour a day. Hope you get to stay locked up forever

No mercy no escape.

Make him wear 1980s leotards and start forcing him to do some exercise in chains.

Monrow is right - Bind is a fool for agreeing to this! At this rate he's not going to get out all summer!

Heavy shackles, 5 point en heavy ball on every ankle.


put him on a parrot perch for some hours ..

Keep him locked away as long as possible. Hopefully permanently.

Sounds like the Guards could use some help. Bind's recitation of being bored is actually is a push to make it longer. Yes, the prisoner needs some rest days to push itself further in lockdown. Like how when he's in something tight like the box or cage, the next he's the opposite in a stand up cage being stretched. Have also wondered if there a way for use viewers to get feedback from the guards without Bind knowing. Sounds like Bind didn't plan on it getting as long as it seem to going and is possibly regretting it.

Get him full body and head shaved and get him in rubber head toe toe and bound him in his cell.

I deserve the same punishment, unfortunately it's not possible right now, but I'm glad he's getting what he deserves at least.

he needs to be encased om a clear manequinn shell

buried, just face out of sand. only nose and eyes. the young ones put their feet soles in his face during their rest.

Psycopath treatments including cold showers while straitjacketed and full bed restraints to sleep.

Workouts and military drill exercises while restrained.

The most fun videos are the ones with interactions between the prisoner and the captor. Prisoner trying to resist or distract, captor finding ways to force the prisoner to behave. Situations like changing from one bondage to another. Limiting the ability of the prisoner to move before freeing arms for a straitjacket, or arms tied and hooded before getting him into a cage or strap him to a bed.

Make Bind become a human punching bag

Hang by his thumbs and tie weights to big toes

You should put ants in his pants, literally, or at least threaten him with it if he not compliant.

hoping that this will last all summer

Enjoy that extra hour from me

With hobbles, a straitjacket in the padded cell. Perhaps diapered so he doesn't need to be let out for hours and even more hours.

Rubber dog suit

Give him a life sentence. Perminant 24/7 lockup. No parole

Straightjacket and padded cell

Lock down should be continued

With as many days as this will be going. Hope that you'll be getting some more tops to help keep the prisoner in line and in continual bondage. it deserves to be kept in bondage as long as it can. Isn't that what bind always wanted, never to let out?

stress positions, every day ..

I'd love to replace you

Keep him chained forever!

He deserves it

Enjoy your extra hour doing time

Need to be locked up for a long time.

Rubber dog forever-lif like a dog

I don't know if Bind would enjoy this, but one idea would be to have a "rookie" guard handle him for a day, with some backstory, perhaps if the guard passes his test, he gets to decide on a number of days to add to Bind's lockup time. The idea being that the guard will be just sloppy enough to allow Bind to turn the tables and attempt an escape, and think he's succeeding, until it is ultimately foiled. I think this would be a fun scenario if you could craft it to work, as you know Bind better.

Leg irons and handcuffs in the exercise yard all day.

Write on his chest I (heart sign) Ziggy! Keep his hands away from my name, mt hands deserve better hehe

Tie his fingers and thumbs. Cut nails super short

Hooded in various hoods for 24 hours.

Keep him in perminant lockdown...

So far really enjoying watching this. Especially now that Monrow is becoming stricter with Bind. Bind should be treated as an object. Gagged more of the time with rules and protocols on when it may speak. Bind should come out of this period of Lock Down pushed further to take confinement and bondage longer. Possibly using a Texas Cathether in some situations that Bind doesn't wait to long to piss or that it helps in aiding his Officers to take further control. Bind should be tormented that the consensus from this lockdown be that there may never be an end to the lockdown.

​Enjoy one more hour

heavy irons and a ball and chain .. and then have him carry a stack of heavy stones (or other heavy objects) from one corner of the prison yard to the other .. and back again .. wash, rinse, repeat

You can do it Mark!!!

Just adding some hours!!!!! I am aiming for 90 days because i bought 3 month subscription

Don’t give him access to any timekeeping, and vary the time between him being visited from 10 minutes to many hours.

Bind needs to be manscaped, either wax job or brazillian, i want to hear him scream like in the movie 40 yr old virgin, i want to test to see if that is really hurt or not.

Get 4 PVC pipes, 2 for the legs and 2 for the arms. The objective is to prevent him from bending his elbow and legs but still have some movement. You can use spraeder bars or not, or however you see fit.

Hang him upside down with a spreader bar and his hands either behind his back or a waist belt cuffed to the side.

Maybe give him a vegan diet for a day or two. The really bland soy cheese, or rice cheese, soy bologna, on generic white bread as an example.

Really enjoyed the hole in the floor cell. Would like to see more time spent there. Would also like to see the prisoner gagged more as he is resistant. Finally it would be great to see some boot licking. Definately needs to be taught more respect.

Il devrait porter une cage de chasteté

Subtract an Hour from Prisoner's time
I'm starting to feel sorry for Bind...

While bind is in a stress position, play loud audio of a crying baby in pain

Bind needs some sunshine, let him get a little red from the sun, then punish him by whipping him for spending too much time out in the sun

Subtract an Hour from Prisoner's time
I'll be nice today.

Keep up the great work, make him suffer for being such a fool.... Next time with marker, write bitch on his chest and back.

time to do something he doesnt like, its time for baby theme. If he want to act like a big baby then treat him like one. You can buy adult size jail baby clothes, i seen it where it buttons down at the bottom for diapers. and then there baby food, one he doesnt like, what does he hate? squash, spinach? IZ

Weld him in heavy irons!

"groundhog day" ... whatever you did to him yesterday - do it again .. and when he asks / complains about the repeat deny that yesterday happened ..

Place Bind in a leather straitjacket, leather jeans, leather gag by a guard wearing full leather Police uniform :) :) :) :)

Locked plug gag in the times he’s not eating or drinking.

Bind needs to go for a spin, round and round, round and round......

Wish to be me. So, enjoy one hour more

How do I volunteer to be his cell mate? 

More gag time. it has far to much to say.

Wish i could take your place

He needs to be kept in unescapeable bondage. He is to dangerous.

I would like to see a officer bare feet in Mark's face

straitjacket diaper challenge

Rubber dog

He gotta wear a chasity belt at some point after getting caught jerking off. Spiked chasity will be a good reminder that people like Bind dont deesrve erections.

a form of tar and feather, except you can use water soluable non toxic glue and use sprinkles (or feather). All that glitter is the closest he will ever come to glamour.

Submerge him in cold water with only his head showing

Mummify him!

Strap bind to a chair and force him to drink beer. Little at a time. Use a funnel if you have to. Part of an interrigation technique to make him talk. Put him over the drain, he is not leaving to take a leak. He will remain put until he talks and tell us the info we are looking for.

This isnt anything new but hanging him upsidedown with spreader bar and straitjacket is an option.

Rubber by GUM and put him through some hell.

Although expensive, he could be forced to wear a bodysuit, where it changes him from a man to something else, often most popular is becoming a woman. This is one way to humuliate him if done correctly.

just for my pleasure

Bind head belongs in a laundry basket filled with dirty stinky clothes. Bind is filth and that is where he belongs. Cut hole bottom of laundry basket to place his head through and toss dirty laundry in. Maybe use your floor cell to bring his head ground level. It would be fun to put him in an industrial washing machine and hang him on a clothes line to dry, but i cant think how the washing machine be safe,

The gag, teach him on command to take on and off the gag, if he doesnt comply, it gets padlocked on. his compliance will graduate the privledge of putting the gag on and off himself without requiring the use of a padlock.

isolation hood and mittens added in any restraint situation for added isolation :)

When the prisoner has to piss, don't just let him out when he can take more restrictive bondage or incarceration, give him a jug... or even more humiliating is to be diapered. Then prisoner continues on in bondage.

Love to see recreation time in standard transport restraints with bind wearing an orange jumpsuit

Give him an ear piercing, if he is going to whine like a girl, at least he should get his ears pierced. And yes you can remove earring and hole grows back to normal so no perm dmg.

I am jealous of the Masters boots on him so I want to punish him with an hour. If he licks those boots good I’ll vote to take an hour off.

strap him down on his stomach, use a tattoo gun without ink and make bind think he is getting another tattoo, or at least a partial so he thinks he has like one or two numbers in place and the artist will come back to finish it later. A mindfuck that can last a while as long as he has no mirror or a snitch feeding him information.

I second the pillory idea. Especially with legs spread and a spanking.

Good time for you

Hose Bind down in a canvas straitjacket and put him under a heat lamp, but keep the jacket damp.

Punish him by feeding him a can of dog food in a dog dish, and make him eat like a dog

Gagged with dirty socks, please

do bodybag confinement or a coffin. see how he gets on.

The longer, the better!

add a hard stress bind to my vote!

More time. Lots more.time.. Keep him a perminant prisoner!

Sleepsack in the wooden coffin box

You really think it was the perfect timing to have one guy put on a police uniform and have him step on another guy's neck? You read that thing in the news, didn't you?  Reply:  The prisoner was not stepped on his neck. There was no pressure given and this was very typical boot play, not intended to be a political statement in any way. 

Was thinking that he is locked into something that requires multiple padlocks to lock, each one should be different. Then each person who is there to help with his incarceration, gets to keep a key for one of the padlocks. This is so that only if every person who has a lock and key agrees to release him from whatever bondage he's in. There can be a bet as how long for him to stay in that bondage. This is best with 3 or 4 players or more. One person is always willing to push the prisoner further.

Time outdoors in the exercise yard. Striped.or orange uniform.

I'm concerned about Bind's cardio. I think he needs more exercise. Forced exercise. :-) We don't know how many years he will be incarcerated, and we all want him to enjoy it to the fullest!

Good luck

Not confined enough. Seeing him in bondage at his most frustrating time would be more entertaining.

I hope Bind doesn't mind me spreading the word about his "contract" LOL

Predicament bondage. Having to struggle with an obstacle to get partially free, ice locks, etc.

It s good to be a good slave Steph from France

Two suggestions: 1) Put him in a sleepsack with the max amount of straps, then bury him underground with nothing but a snorkel mask (black duct tape over the eyeholes) and a snorkel to breathe through. 2) Extreme bondage chair with a hood, no food and only limited amounts of water for 48 straight hours. Post pics.

Put Bind in a wet straitjacket and lock him into the floor until he dries out.

Replicate the straitjacket scene from the movie the green mile where the inamte got hosed down with a firehose and forced into a straitjacket, then hauled off into solitary confinement.

gotta do the spread eagle with rope wiearing black and white stripe pants. no shirt.

So, Bind texted me yesterday during his very limited time he is allowed to answer messages on his phone. He asked me to tell him how many days are left due to the guards refusing to tell him. I refused as well and informed the prisoner that I would be sharing this information in my daily vote. I have screenshots available if the guards desire. My contact info is in Bind’s phone if you guards would like the screen shots and his feeble attempt to hide this fact from you by deleting our texts from yesterday. Brian Cage

Tell him he has 33 more days...but disappoint him by letting him out much sooner!

Throw him into the cell of one of the existing prisoners give that prisoner some chains and ropes to restrain Bind with

Getting out by needing to pee? Tisk tisk

the jail needs cleaning .. . blow a large bag of glitter into the jail and have the inmate cleaning up the mess .. on his kees and with a tooth brush - at the end of the day make a white glove inspection .. if it fails, the inmate will spend the night standing in one spot - not allowed to move

Nipple clamps

Convince Bind he deserves a good night rest free of any restraints...,, then change your mind and rudely wake him up at 2 in the morning putting Bind in restraints and stress position.

Bind done this before, but do it again, put him in a full body cast.

BInd needs lessons learning how to be a "model" inmate. If attainable, get a manaquinn shell and lock bind in that so he can be a "model" sporting trustee uniform.

While Bind is in the floor below, slide some properly fitted piece of wood through the slots of the grate to further confine him

Would love a daily bog from Bind while he is in bondage- thoughts, feelings, hopes etc.

Put Bind in a sleepsack, and then lower him to the underground cage in the booking room.

This is very hot. Tell him, from this sub "Your lock down turns me on. You can imagine my naked body chained next to you. Dick hard and untouchable."

In the yard outside with his hands handcuffed to a belt. bind should be provided with a basketball to kick around. The prisoner definitely needs some outdoor time/space/activity.

Take off one of Bind sock and use it as a gag with duct tape. If he cannot understand how filthy he is when told verbally, maybe he will get the hint when he gets a taste of himself.

Maximum security in the hole.

If able to access to a gurney, place Bind in a straitjacket and laying on his stomach, hogtied, and take a strap from his feet to the upper buckled strap and tighten it, causing to slightly lift his chest area, and then use gurney straps/buckles to hold him in place.

Need this too... Needing hard long time confinement without no mercy

Enjoy your time in the cell

Trick Bind into believing he will be treated to a nice meal, perhaps ribeye steak? But only to find you change his mind and give him cold bologna sandwich while you eat a nice juicy steak just out of arm reach way from his cell.

Make Bind smell your dirty socks, or better yet. When bind is under the floor, have only his kid sticking above groundu level, cut a hole in a laundry baskey to fit his head, and just start piling stinky dirty clothes into the basket. The stronger the stinch the better. Then you can say, "there, now we dont have to smell that Dirtbag as much."

I would like to see Mark hogcuffed with socks (of another one) inside his mouth, please,

Play sesame street theme song forward, then play it backward, for as long as it deemed necessary. (If can find both on youtuve, but may have to dubbed them together then setting on repeat).

If Bind is behaving, he should be able to watch television through the bars, but because of the jail strict rules, he can only watch Teletubbies or other related program

Deffo add more time

Try doing a fake tattoo. Get him to believe he is going to have the word scumbag tattooed on his chest. He can be in the restraint chair for this.

FOrced to wear the inmate uniform, backward. including jumpsuit if you have them. Then standard peerless wait chain and cuff, goes on backward also.

Wow, these videos of Bind locked up and in bondage are really intense and fun to watch. Keep them coming!

Using the subfloor compartment, lock his neck into place at ground level.

If Bind doesn't like the light much, maybe a big spotlight or strobe faving into his cell or the below floor compartment at night while he is trying to sleep.

Invite Ziggy, one of the most corrupt inmate around hehe

Colodion (comes off with alcohol) to hold bind's eyes closed and ear plugs while he is restrained in one of the restraint chairs for several hours (at least). Pizza dough and vet wrap can also make a very effective way to keep bind from seeing.

Use long poles, if possible, through the cell bars, and the outer bars to place Bind in different stress positions.

Bind needs to get whipped until his back turns bright red

Breath control

Handcuffs locked behind back

Bind must be forced to do exercise, he is out of shape by day 20. Either he starts doing 50 push up a day, or start taking some calories out of his diet.

Bind needs to be punished and eat nutraloaf without any seasonings from day 10 to day 14.

Have Bind in a straitjacket, but arms through the bars and then strapped behind his back while wearing a helmet so he cant bang his head against the bars. Force him to stand forom sunrise to sundown.

wear a straitjacket backward, arms binded behind him

Lay him down on a 4x8 mdf 1" board and screew some c clamps in various places to prevent him from moving. This could be done vertically if you have something you can safely attach him to a wall

Next time he is thristy and wants water, give hima bucket of ice cold water thrown on him while he is blindfolded/hooded.

rubber bondage in coffin with airtight.

locked in the isolation cell

Bondage not a severe as expected.

It will be imprisoned forever!

bury him in sand or earth up to his neck .. and then put an upside down bucket over his head .. 24 hours (have him did the hole first by himself in chains)

He is a prisoner, thus, 1 extra hour is appropriate for it!!!

a nice tight gag to add to the torment

bind strapped down with the Posey restraint net for hours. Preferably with boxing gloves taped tightly on. A gag or a muzzle would be a nice addition.

Don't let him cum until he is unlocked from his sentence

I would like to see the Mark's bare feet ;)

hand and feet together in one single rigid stock ..

Never let the puppy go

Lock forever

Serious Bondage Chair or some type of electro punishment.

sleepsacked over night

belly chain with black box cover over cuffs

Hang upside down with in a straitjacket with legs spread. Perferably milked (not visible on camera) but focus his ephoria'

Shock treatment iwas used in the 1960s, given the era Bind's setting, maybe this might improve his behavior.

Interrogate him, we want to know how is the drugs getting into jail, as he is accused of being the "store".

Put a fake roach in his porridge or other meal.

non escapable self bondage

Life like a dog

Strict hogtie for 1 full hour. No release.

Hands locked behind back in metal cuffs

bind is to be securely stored away in a straitjacket within a sleepsack. for good measure, some fist mitts should be locked on inside the straitjacket also!


Put the time left to serve on a screen where it can be seen. Update it with added (or subtracted) hours once a day.

its a good start! hope there are more many great bondages and hours to come.

How to, multiple layers of bondage.Each more secure than the next. Easy, medium, hard, ultra, insane, paranoid

locked in the hole

in chains locked in solitary cell

enjoy the extra hour on me :)

For as long as bind cab stand being in the chain mail straitjacket. Perhaps ambulatory with a 3 or 4 foot ankle spreader. It is quite tiring to wear a 40 pound restraint, If necessary, just put him back in his cell.

Prisoner loves heavy metal. Get him into lots of it and put him in several positions, chained to fix points. Head connected to wall, floor or roof. Arms and legs also connected to other fix points, tight.

Vac pack him then throw couple bags of ice on top of him. The chills while being vacuum packed is quite unique.

YOu should share which ideas have been already used.

straitjacket and leg shackles and some time in the underfloor cage in the booking room

Gimp sack made of duct tape

Arm Binder and spreader ankle bar

Let Hawk do a surprise visit.

Put him in the wooden cell box That as used in appleville strain the heavy wooden. Rectangular one from which the virus was dropped In the virus released to deputy sheriff scene keep him in there for a week with no release at all

Give him permanent chastity.

Later bondage!

Stay forever bound!!!!

Make bets. Prisoners time increases or decreases. Prisoner has a small chance to win. Overtime, the house always wins.

good luck 1 month

Work together for a safer and more secure bondage. Prisoner has to struggle and find weak points and slack. Captor has to improve the security and bondage. Once perfect. Let the prisoner enjoy it for some hours.

Daily routines in restraints. Eating, exercising, sleeping, Protests and complaints followed by an even more and secure bondage.

Great job it's fantastic what you do keep it up

Keep Bind tape gagged and muzzled. He’s got a smart mouth.

give him his normal cold stale meal, while you sit in front of him eating a hot juicy steak and mash potatoes n gravy..

Good luck! Would love to see a sleepsack night :)

wooden stocks and neck yoke - and then nail the stocks and yoke shut

I would love to see him working out in gear.

Dirty sock gagged could be a good idea :)

Put Bind on a hanger in a closet. One way is vacuum pack Bind and attach it to a hanger.

Lock him in a chastity belt and glue the lock

spreader bars with mitts

You should not have miss behave Bind

force feed him prison loaf (mix of whole wheat bread, northern beans, raisins, shredded carrots, canned spinach, tomato paste, fake cheese, powdered milk, potato flakes and vegetable oil)

Tied to the top of the box in the bird room with locking humane restraints with a strap over bind's chest and a muzzle on his head.

Full transport chains including belly chain, black box, tubes, leg irons, jail uniform, seg cell for 24 hours. For meals, take one hand out of tube but place back in handcuffs/black box.

Get his head shaved

Iron Mask for multidays at a time, just like the movie man in iron mask.

chained to the cell wall

I would like see the Mark's bare feet.

Another 10 days

Barefoot in a an agonizing predicament

A nice opportunity to put Bind into a cage and weld the door shut, keep him welded in for some time.

completely shaved down every week and tightly spread eagled on floor

straitjacket bondage please

Transport vest & tubes for 24 hours

As this might be his last few hours of freedom for the next 3+ weeks I pray that he enjoys his freedom, may he also enjoy his incarceration. I also ask of us who are going to be checking realize that Bind will try to escape the confinement’s where he is restrained to add time, but on the other hand, wait there is another hand?

Shock Collar that goes off at random.

IF you can find a duct tape artist, Put bind in a duct tape straitjacket. You tape the torso and the arms but not to constrict the movement of the elbows, and his hands loosely taped in an ankle sock; Create arm straps out of duct tape, long enough to wrap around his body twice but enough slack tl strucggle, and tape half way up his arm for reinforcement by wrapping his arm a second time. Then cross his arms like so, without constricting blood flow, leaving some slack, then take front and side loops with several wrap of reinforcement avove and below loops. The pelvis strap is optional. I like using combination of duct tape and gorilla black tape in certain areas.

Chastity the whole time he’s locked

Restraint chair inside cell block for 6 hours

Leg irons for 24 hours

In the isolation cell for a day with boxing gloves secured with leg irons and tape. Also leg irons on ankles And tape on the thumb part of the gloves. Someone will be needed to help feed bind.

Attach fingers thumbs and toes to wooden planks with metal nailed into boards. Use clamps and vises to secure fingertips and toes. Metal hoops around neck, upper arms, forearms and wrists nailed into wood. Same with chest, waist, thighs, legs and ankles. Securely nailed or screwed down head to toe

Hell yeah! Keep his ass tied to the max! For months!

stress positions (tigercage, airplane or similar)

Never unfettered. Always restrained by wrists and ankles for duration of lock down. Put outdoors in pillory and stocks and humiliate as was done to prisoners historically. Let public see him restrained this way in a prisoners uniform blindfolded and gagged

Crucify him on a cross wearing only underwear

Totally restrictive bondage even fingers. Stretch and tie fingers and thumbs so they cannot move or bend...tied to chopsticks or other devices. Same with toes. Arms and legs unable to bend. Rigid total restriction. Head unable to turn. Only eyes can move

Stretch on rack totally encased in rubber

To start buzz his head hair, buzz or shave body hair, cut down fingernails and toenails, insert a catheter. Prepare him for long term total restraint

Hang by wrists or thumbs suspended on tiptoes with body totally wrapped in duct tape neck down. Hood over face and head. Barefoot with big toes tied tightly together. Periodically pound toes with a mallet and tickle soles of feet

Thumbcuff his hands behind back. Attach ankles to spreader bar. Metal collar on neck attached and pulled down to soreader bar by short length of chain with arms pulled high behind by chain attached to thumb cuffs in tight strappado position...stretched, bent over, stress on back, shoulders,thumbs and hands. Then blindfolded and gagged. Periodically add tension by pulling thumbs, hands and arms even higher

always in irons

A tight leather straitjacket, leather jeans, leather gag and strapped to a chair :) :) :) :)

Full transport chains including belly chain, jail uniform, seg cell for 24 hours.

On his knees with rigid stocks chained to the floor. Locked on muzzle with a key inches away slightly out of reach for his freedom.

Cuffed to the cell bars above head for 2 hours.

Tight rubber, Gagged, and hog chained

Have an unbathed inmate bunk up with Bind for a few days. The ripeness is just something Bind will have to live with.

Enjoy your lock up prisoner.

Triple handcuffs

Extreme bondag echair with a leather muzzle

Elektro torture

Heavy irons

Would love to see his mattress removed from lights on to lights out. Can't let the inmate be too comfortable in his cell.

One more hour - hope you think of me while you count down the minutes!

Whatever bondage he is in, he needs a live count down of votes increasing or decreasing for a good mind f***.

Make him wear 3 tyvek hazmat suits fully secured with the adhesive strips and then shackle him in 10 pairs of leg irons and 10 pairs of handcuffs and make him wear orange prison jumpsuits between these hazmat layers

Take Jimmy USMC with him

Leather gimp suit.

Diapers so he doesn't need a release


concrete overshoes and mittens

Dog training

Hog chained in cowboy wear and gagged with a rubber hood.

Chains, lots of chains

Ridged cuffed behind back, striped uniform, boots on, leg cuffs over boots, metal collar on neck for 24 hours.

At the beginning , Prisoner is punished by wearing a simple straitjacket initially but then progress to a more secure Version of straitjacket over the period because of his bad attitude Melrose , Humane , original posey ,modified posey with straps, maxcita , Maxcita with leg boot , Maxcita with every additional straps and hood

Tiny cage.

Taken for a walk in a bitchsuit.

Bind has to sleep in the bunk with a wide spreader bar cuffed at the ankles. He's not allowed to remove the mattress from the bunk if he chooses to sleep on the floor.

Was Bind accused of playing with himself? Maybe he needs to spend time in a behavioral jumpsuit. (This garment is laced up from behind with a webbed strapped through verticle loops and then padlocked).

Every set of cuffs and shackles he owns, locked on him, overnight.

heavy slave shackles.

Eh, put Jimmy USMC or Dart Tech in the cell instead of Bind.

locked 23.5/7 in heavy rubber suit 30 min washing

Gagged with sweaty work socks that have been worn for several days and then tape a dirty work boot over his face, forcing him to constantly smell inside the boot.

Forced fed

Hanging upside down. Hands behind his back. Place a container filled with water under him. Lower him so that his face is in the water. The only way he can breath is by using his abs to get his face out of the water container. How long can he stick in this position?

hung upside down

straitjacket straitjacket straitjacket

Two pairs of handcuffs. Brian Cage

Lock be a dog .and eat dog food ,and train to street .life like a dog


Handcuffs, locked on behind the back! Fuck yeah!

Wetsuit spread eagle with cold water

Chastity, definitely. NO relief until we're all done watching him.


The warden deserves clean leather boots. Too darn bad everything closed.... oh wait! Bind is available. Time for Bind to do some boot lickin fellas. Get to work scumbag!.

hands cuffed behind back with very few breaks

Prisoner should be barefoot, and not wear shoes for the duration of his incarceration.

Spread eagle in chains.

Gaged hooded in uniform chained to the bed

Bind is sitting on his ass way too much, he needs proper motivation. NIPPLE Clamps through the bars to force him to stand. Handcuff his hands behind his back only. The only thing keeping him in place at the bars are the nipple clamps.

Eat (at least) some meals with his arms locked behind him so he must eat directly from the bowl.

Posey Straitjacket and Humane Bed Restraints

I would love to see some heavy boots locked on him for an extended period of time (preferably more than 24h). Also, locked or not, but sleeping in boots would be great!

Lost track of time , no idea is it day or night , breakfast or dinner

He must be reminded regularly that he could be locked up for a very long time, and even if he likes it at first, he may not like it in the very long run. Even if he grows to hate it, he's got no choice.

As per CDC recommendation, contactless isolation is the safest. Therefore, the intrepretation of the warden suggests Bind shows some coronavirus symptoms and therefore wants him isolated for 14 days with no human contact including talking. Just regularly scheduled uniform exchange and one meal drop off per day (dinner plus sack lunch for following brunch)..

If you guys could get your hands on a spidey suit, it would be hot to see him tied up in a spidey suit and gagged under the mask

He should be in chastity and in full prisoner restraints at all times.

Rubber sleepsack

Leg irons, wrist irons, heavy steel collar. kept in the dark.

Don't let him sleep for a whole night.

Post a photo at same time every day. Include a paragraph of days events

inflaitable gag

dig a hole and life in it for 24 hours ..

Rigid metal yoke

No shower for the whole time

ultra tight hogtied , pullin his head up right with head harness

In Chastity & gagged with a leather plug gag

Some form of breath control.

tie in racked and roast him like pig

Bind must spend several nights in his cell without a mattress because he was accused of hiding contraband in the seams.

Be chained underneath a chicken coop wired mesh floor.

An hour chained to a tree or solid point outdoors as a reminder what you're missing.

Lets smoke em out.... Bind wearing a full face mask with an air tube to allow those to breathe in their exhaled cigar smoke.

striped prison uniform permanent shackled to the wall

Put Bind in a pillory and tickle him

Sensory deprivation with fist mitts.

Shave Bind's head and face and duct tape his eyes and mouth shut. They alway say it hurt less if you take it off quick....

Give Bind a Brazillian, Hairy chest is a trouble spot for contrabands....

Bind needs long term bondage. In rubber or tape. He need to become tape art with others attached to him.

force feeding and force workout

handcuffed hands behind back

Chastity is a must, and a nice leather muzzle

shackled permanent black white uniform

have him making small stones out of big ones (classic jail work with a sledgehammer breaking up big rocks)

I'd like to see him in suspension bondage where a winch could be used to haul him up with the flick of a switch as the jailer likes for as long as they like.....

A black leather straitjacket, black leather jeans, a leather gag, strapped to a chair with lots of leather straps :) :) :) :)

standing in a hotbox for a day ..

shirtless in coldest room or coldest water bath

Hooded with full mouth gag


Stress positions, squat position

in full heavy irons and striped prison uniform

Would love to see some type of prisoner transport scene

Leather straitjacket

start off with just shackles and cuffs

A tight leather hood.

Bind needs to be strapped/chained to an industrial rotisserie for a few hours. Added bonus, put a small portable heater at the bottom to mimmick cooking effect if desired.

Lots of chains

escape challenge from straight jacket

straight jacket, muzzle and in bondage chair

Prisoner complains it is too cold to sleep in the cell at night The nice warden say he will give him a nice warm jacket to keep warm ! But wait , it is a straitjacket !! Now the prisoner has to hug himself throughout the whole night ... while trying to sleep

Rubber Gimp sack!



Arrested cuffed stripped strapped into a straitjacket with catheter gag muzzle with the muzzle padlocked and secured in the cage in a cage

In the isolation cell and cuffed to the bars behind his back for an hour.

Pissgag him and use him for a urinal all day

Bind is an escape artist. His fingers and thumbs need to be tightly tied/restrained. Also he can hide small wires to pick locks under his nails or use the nails themselves. His guards should inspect and firmly clean under them once he is bound then cut them super short. The chopping back of his nails should be repeated and documented weekly

A heavy metal collar

Would love to see some form of fist mitts with maybe him wearing a diaper so that he would not be able to take it off. Also having different parts of his body affixed to different hard points is always pretty hot!

severe neck brace locked on for a day

On top of the of in the bird room with a muzzle.

Bind in a hazmat suit. You can do a pressure test, then deflate it with a vac pack. Yes this can be done with proper respirator. I've always wanted to see Bind ina tight hazmat suit, then placed in a large posey straitjacket. His safety against conrnavirus while being transported is the facility top priority. Bind should be placed in a hazmat suit strapped to a chair ourside with occasional breathe control

Uh oh, Bind tried to bite the Warden. Warden demands he gets transported to psych ward. His 36 hours transfer require special conditioning. Humane Restraints Ambulatory transport restraints (leather waist belt with two fixed or adjust waist cuff and ankle hobble).. He must wear Hannibel Lector style mask and only allowed a liquid diet through a straw.

civil war style bucked and gagged!

Layered bondage and a full video of the layers of neoprene, rubber and leather.

Cuffs and gags!

​Small cage bondage.

Straitjacket With a funnel Gag in Place

vacuum bed​

tie him to a treadmill with a estim on... and set it to walking speed .. when he falls behind on the treadmill and breaks a photoelectric barrier he gets zapped .. and now keep him walking for the whole day ..

strict solitary confinement in heavy irons and striped prison uniform

please, add a heavy, tight leather mask plus heavy steel chains

​inmate full transport shackles

Hogtie with chains

force feeding

Hogchained with metal mitts and leg irons. Legs irons closely put together with a lock. Locked gag. In cowboy 

Very small cage.

permanent shackled in heavy irons, wearing striped prison uniform, only Nutraloaf for food, permanent light in the cell

Pepper spray and stun gunned

A black leather straitjacket, black leather jeans, black leather hood, a leather gag no blindfold strapped to a chair with lots of leather straps :) :) :)

​Serious bondage chair


Put him into the new "iron suit" and keep him locked in for several days, with only one or two short daily breaks after which he is locked in again. Don't allow him to shave.

wrapped in heavy chains

Rubber and mummification

Hope to see the prisoner wearing posey or maxcita straitjacket and try to use his feet / toes to use fork and spoon for his meal or to eat his meal Prisoner will be unshaven during his entire prison sentence. Will be nice to see a before and after look when the sentence has ended

in a sleepsack and hooded for a 24 hour period

24 hours coffin box

bound in several sleep sacks with head taped

​I would love to see something very simple but which makes me very hard: chained to bed at the four angles, gagged

Don’t want to sound cruel but here is a punishment that could be used; Have Bind spread eagle with headset on playing “white noise” 

Put sedative in his food if unruly, only for him to find himself after awakening being in a straitjacket. The most important part is his first reaction when he first awakens.

Rigid stocks. Enjoy!

Perhaps send the prisoner on a Mission Field Trip while wearing a restraint belt, handcuffs, leg irons and a black and white striped jumpsuit. Go up and down the streets of Hampton, knocking on doors and providing a copy of your book to each person who answers the door. I think a matching black necktie would be a nice touch as well as the omnipresent photo ID badge indicating the prisoner as an ELDER INMATE. He would add an hour of prison time for each person who slammed a door in his face and subtract an hour for each person who came to the jail "just to see what it was all about!" This would all be taped and shared with all of us!

Hands ALWAYS cuffed behind his back and in various positions (hogtie, chair tie, etc.) and always gagged except for feeding time.

mummified in fiberglass cast

Bind needs to become a pinata. Get a full body harness, maybe Guardian Fall Constructuion Tux, put that on Bind. Then Posey straitjacket. If desired, secure each ankle to the side O ring from the harness. I suspect harness will wear lower than the SJ. Use rear D ring from harness, through the buckled Posey straitjacket, and hoist him up and down accordingly as you would with a pinata. Instead of a baseball bat, be kind, and use cat of 9 or like whip. He can be fully dressed in an orange jumpsuit.


Provide a loud speaker to the prison yard with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing its greatest hits which must include Praise to the Man every third hymn. Prisoner must have his head shaved, wear a yellow jumpsuit and be forced to dig and refill a hole in the dirt. It would also be required for the prisoner to collect all loose rocks and debris larger than 3/8 of an inch. Prisoner should also be required to wear the lovely orange yard coat that he was given by a very generous patron.

Bondage mittens

Bind needs to be duct taped to a moving horse on a merry go around for 24 hours straight. Oh, btw, visual sensory but amplified auditory playing "its a small world" by disney. He needs to be reminded that society can come together and white separatist is not allowed.

hands cuffed behind back


Spend two to three hours strapped in and cuffed in an Aedec jail restraint chair 

Solitary Confinement, in which, the length of day is desinated as 16 hours , but inmate think its 24 hours. Plan accordingly to fit schedule. This works for towards end of sentence remind inmate he has x number of days left and psychologically making him feel he staying longer than his release date.

severe head bondage - unable to move, see, speak, hear 

under water / in the shower

Stun belt

It would appear that there have been several excellent suggestions, so I can't think of anything else. Although maximum security is necessary for Bind.

Must be forced to listen to the Book of Mormon for 24 hours, from cover to cover, if found guilty of misconduct. While book of mormon has its flaws, many positive values could be gained from this. Preferably over a loudspeaker to remind the inmate that prisons don't spend money on its inmates for quality sound.

segufixed to bed every night, no excuses!

20 lb locking ankle weight for a week straight. Humane Restraint ankle weight or similar for a week straight. Must east/sleep/shower with it. This pesky escape risk must sbe reminded who's in charge.

Put him in a bondage wheel

Must wear Posey Straitjacket for 24 hours straight. TO prevent muscular astrophy, the arms may be periodically fixed in various position every hour or two. But the jacket must not come off. He must wear a diaper. If he can make it 24 hours without shitting himself (urinating ok if it doesnt leak diaper), he won't have to eat the dreaded Nutraloaf for a week.chains, lots of chains..

racked him and stretching until he cry

Spider gag

Chain hogtie with gag and blindfold.



​straitjacket and mailbag

crucified for 8h. then put him in a small cage for another 8h

Blindfolded constantly for at least 3 days with no break so he can't tell how much time has passed.

Suspended for 24 hours

​handcuffs, leg irons, leather d-ring belt for the cuffs

Want to see Mark strapped in a straitjacket while wearing white socks (dirty if possible) and ankles hogtied very tight to the back of the straitjacket. Also with a large gag stuffing his mouth.​

Cuff his hands through the cell bars for 6 hours.

I agree, a hood would be good too.

Heavy steel

​long time into heave rubber, with gasmask and bondage. Encapsulated from the outside


posture collar and gags

Standing with wrists tied up straight above his head to the ceiling for extended period 6-12 hours. Ankle in ankle restraints alternately restrained above to leave the body weight resting on other leg.

Sleep Deprivation

24 Hour lockdown in solitary confinement, strictly on a nutraloaf diet, wearing an orange jumpsuit with his shackles chained to the wall​​​​​​​Not only locked in the maximum security cell, but kept chained so that he cannot get to the door, should it be opened.

As long as possible...

Strict spread eagle

barefoot in stocks

Straitjacket and legbinder. Potentially strapped on a wheelchair and/or with a sensory deprivation hood.

strapped to backboard so he can't move then suspended

duct taped while wearing Metal Mask

​With multi-layer breathable headgear and hands and feet binding​

handcuffs, belly chain leg-cuffs and connector chain from belly to legs

Wear a lot of latex clothes

​I do hope prisoner Bind can stay locked up until the end of September or first of October. I think a great idea would be to have him locked in the standing bird cage inside of a cell or in the main cell block area. Adding metal restraints while he is in the cage would be an added bonus. Thanks Guards! Sincerely, Brian Cage

forced gagging.......straitjackets.......boots.....leather hoods being forced on.....vac racking fully clothed!!!!!

Self bondage

Full metal hood and heavy full weight metal collar, cuffs and shackles

Nice heavy shackles and chain.

Always masked and mitted. Full shacklesKeep him in a md latex suit for a long period. Maybe the suit could be warmed up and sweaty inside by someone else first.

​​Tape gagged, hooded or muzzled, fist mitts, blindfolded and strapped down or in straight jacket. If not in a jacket, heavy sleep sack and inflatable gag with at least 3 big pumps to start .

heavy chains bondage

orange prison shorts, bit gag ,heavy neck to wrist to ankle shackles locked to bed

Multilayer of sleeping bag bondage and lock him in jail. Keep him by rope.

Straight jacket standing for 24 hour straight, lock on hood.

Face entry rubber body suit. Facemask. Ductaped.

Put him in a big cast for a few days.

Strap him to a chair and give him a horrible haircut

Make him dig his own hole wearing a black and white striped uniform, and then bury him in it up to his nose for 12 hours. then make him keep wearing the same filthy uniform for two days. lol 

Spread out his arms and legs tight.

Tie him down so he cannot move and then spray five cans of shaving cream all over him.

Straight Jacket, gas mask, eyes taped, long hose, leather belts wrapped around, rope wrapped around, boots

​Make him wear a yellow jumpsuit with thumb cuffs. Also a shock collar that randomly goes off during the day

E-stem unit with sound trigger, you can choose where to attach pads. Assorted strength of shock. Prisoner is locked up in a mail sack, possibly with head out of the sack, cuffed him so he cannot remove pads.

spread eagled in ice locks 

​I think it would be great to see him in belt bondage, those always look the best to me.

Make him eat his food off of the ground and also find a way to make it either super hot or super freezing in the room

like the orange boxer only and some needed chain bondage for sure

If Yossies collection is available, overnight locked up in the Fetters Wolf Collar after an exhausting day

Fully encapsulated in rubber or leather and tied down tightly unable to move

Do the casting, and do the burial

like the orange boxer only and some needed chain bondage for sure

would like to see him in full chains, ankle, wrist, and belly chain:  all connected to his collar, and his collar locked on a length of chain limiting his movement.

​24 Hour lockdown in solitary confinement, strictly on a nutraloaf diet, wearing an orange jumpsuit with his shackles chained to the wall​​​​​​

​Not only locked in the maximum security cell, but kept chained so that he cannot get to the door, should it be opened.

spread eagled to bed and tickled

You can make him a piece of art in full tape connected to others. Like he did in his art video. Maybe with 3 or 4 others.

​Handcuffed legs and arms together and let him be in the dog cage all day


Keep him in heavy full rubber. The md latex suit 3 or 4 mm Would be Nice on him.

A leather straitjacket

​Wear saliva for 24 hours and keep drooling

Training escape predicaments. Failing and being put in a more secure bondage. Like... Hanging upside down , struggling. Captor has x time to get him inside a padded sleepsack. Head first. Prisoner struggles trying to avoid it. Sack closed. Lots of ropes all around the sack. He is lowered and left in the floor to keep struggling After some time, repeat. Captor has a leather sleepsack and he has limited time(10 minutes or so) to get him inside the leather sleesack, zipped, and strapped. If he can, prisoner will remain like that, double sacked all the time. If captor fails, prisoner remains single sacked half the time and captor gets a second chance . Second chance. Captor can add extra ropes/restraints around the prisoner. Then he can try again to get prisoner inside the leather sleepsack for the other half of the time.

I want to see a hood


Day 74


Mark Bind volunteered to be imprisoned.

You control how long he stays in captivity.

​Daily videos document the changing bondage.

Vote to add time to his Lock Down

Every vote will add or subtract one hour of his lock down. When the time comes that there are not enough total votes, he will be released and this series will end. If the votes keep coming in, he stays locked in.

Anyone can vote for free. To vote, fill out the form on the right. (you can vote one per day.)

If you have any bondage ideas or things you want to see, put it in the comments section. They will be posted below.

Let's see how long we can keep him locked up!

You control his bondage

Days Prisoner has served so far 

Total days voted so far