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​*****    Best video of 2016


Here is a creepy bondage story about a man who was bullied when he was in High School. Now he has grown up and he is getting his revenge on his enemies. It is both funny and also creepy at the same time. The restraints in this video include heavy chains, spread eagle position on a dungeon floor, men trapped in suspended head cages, and a very unique and historical bondage chair. This video is not rated, but I would give this one an "R". There is strong language and a lot of intensity in the story. It has a fun story, good acting, and intense bondage. 27:51 Minutes

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After you watch the video, check out the behind the scenes video content. It has an extensive scene showing Mark Bind chaining Tony Orlando to the restraint chair.

This video was a joint project from the websites MeninChains.com and SeriousMaleBondage.com.  Click on the banner above to go to thier amazing website.