A silly joke for you

The police were questioning three witnesses who saw the suspect run out of the bank. They asked the straight woman if she could describe him.  She said, “No.” 

Then they asked a straight man if he could describe the suspect. “All I know is that it was some dude”, said the man.

Then the police asked the gay man if he could describe the suspect. 

“He was male, about 28 years old, five feet, ten inches tall, with a 32 inch waist. He had dark brown hair with a high and tight cut that was given to him about three days ago. He had about two day's stubble on his clean shaven face. He had blue eyes, and a strong jaw line. His teeth were straight and cared for. He was wearing black harness style Wesco boots underneath his well worn Levi jeans. He was not wearing underwear. He had a small tight butt.  He was wearing a blue Armani shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. He was wearing a tank top under the shirt. He was wearing a small chain around his neck with a lock on it indicating that he is into bondage. His ears stuck out just a little bit giving him a cute boyish look. He was not wearing a wedding ring. He is probably gay, but has not come out yet. I didn't get a photo of him, but I could probably find him on my app.”