A Mormon coming out to his parents as gay.  

Free Videos

In this section I am featuring free videos from YouTube.com.  I made a few of them.

Full length movie about acceptance of self

This is an interesting take on a "coming out to father" story.  This is on YouTube.

Here is a gay themed video from YouTube that I found fun to watch.

Mark Bind and Mark Burnley talk about the experiences that they had with their bondage websites.

Bind takes you on a tour of the historic Yuma Territorial Prison in Arizona.

Joseph Conch shows various straitjackets to Mark Bind and Cody York.

Bind and Mark Burnley take a tour of the factory where they make shackles and other metal restraints. 

Bind takes you on a tour of his jail facility in Iowa

I found this on YouTube. It is pretty funny.

Here is a video that Mark Bind shot all in one morning while he was waiting for his car to be fixed in Apple Valley, California, an amazingly horrible town. If you look at some of the comments, you can see that many of the people who live there were rather offended by this video.

How twins came out to each other 

I found this on YouTube. It is the first of a series of short films these guys have made. They are very funny and clever.  But isn't that guy on the right smoking hot looking?

A Coming out story  

Mark Bind and Mark Burnley help move the old jail cells to a new location.

From YouTube, this story is about a father who takes his son to a prostitute in hopes to make him straight. It is pretty good.