This 52 minute video is a continuation of the Franklin County Jail Tour. This segment shows an example of some of what might take place in an actual role play adventure. For anyone considering going to this place for a visit, this will give you a good idea of the flavor of the experience. This video is not rated, but in the role playing that is depicted in the video, there was some strong language used, so

I would give the video a PG-13.

NOTICE: Please be advised that those who attend a role playing adventure at the Franklin County Jail will get a realistic jail experience. They do not experience the extreme fantasy bondage and BDSM as depicted on the rest of this website. Videos have been made for my website and others from the Jail. But those videos are not what one should expect if they come for a jail experience. No bondage experiences are offered at the jail, other than realistic and historically accurate role playing. 


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