Do Some People Want to go to Prison?

The answer is yes. People want to go to prison for various reasons. Some of them want to go for one of the reasons; others may have a combination of reasons to want to go.  The following are nine different reasons.  I know some men who have intentionally gotten themselves arrested so that they could be incarcerated.  I would highly recommend that you do not try that!

1. There are some people who are just not able to cope in society, and they feel more comfortable in an institutionalized setting where everything is controlled for them. Many ex-cons fit into this category.

2. Some of the poor and homeless desire prison for three meals and a cot. They don’t like being in prison at all, but at least they get food and shelter. The motivation may be the free health care as well.

3. There are people who are attracted to prison as a sexual kink. They have masochistic bondage fantasies about being locked up in prison. It is exciting to them to be restrained.

4. Some people who have a desire for bondage have a sexual side to it and a non-sexual side to it. One of the non-sexual sides is the relaxation of giving in to the bondage. They want the imprisonment as a way to escape reality and free themselves from the worries of daily life. It is somewhat of a paradox that people would actually want to go to prison and lose their freedom in order to feel free. 

5. Some people enjoy the feeling of being controlled by someone else. This may be sexual or non-sexual.

6. Some people want to go to prison to be someone who they are not. It is a form of role play where they turn into someone else. This is sometimes sexual in nature, but not always.

7. Some people want to go to prison just out of curiosity and getting thrill seeking experiences.

8. Some people, particularly gang members want to go to prison as a sign that they are "tough guys". It is a form of initiation for them, so they seek it out.

9. A few of the mentally ill have masochistic self destructive tendencies. They want to destroy their own lives; some of these people desire to go to prison out of a desire to be "punished".

Are you mentally ill just because you have a craving for imprisonment?  Absolutely not !  Some peoples minds have developed to like and enjoy different things.  While the majority of people do prefer to be free, it is not a perfect fit for everyone.  Some quite normal people would rather be controlled.  It is just a different mindset that is in the minority.  I would not judge someone because of how their brain is wired.