Definition: The process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation.

I remember the bullies when I was a child. The way that the bullies treated other children was repugnant. Most of the bullies grew up and matured. They realized what despicable people they were as children and changed their ways.

But some did not. Unfortunately, there are many adult bullies out there that will pick on anyone who is different than them or on those who do not hold the same views as them. These people never grew up emotionally. They have no compassion towards others. They only care about their own agendas. Some of these bullies hide behind their religion. They pretend to be righteous and good, yet in reality they are the worst hypocrites.  Bullies usually pick on the minorities: blacks, homosexuals, transgendered, etc. As adults they have learned to cloak their bullying by pretending to have a moral agenda.  They tend to run in packs like wolves looking to attack their prey. These people have no morality. They are the people who will work against freedom.  They are the “Hitlers” of the world. Unfortunately they will not change. They don’t see themselves as bullies. They are too ignorant and self centered to see it.

So how do you deal with a true bully?  My suggestion is to document everything that they do against you or others. Once you have enough documentation, take them to court and sue them. If enough bullies find themselves in discrimination lawsuits, other bullies may be more careful about treating others so poorly. Remember, bullies do not have a true moral compass. The only way to stop a bully is through the legal system.