Journal 2

​Yesterday, after I did my writing in my cage, lunch was brought in to me.  After lunch I took a little nap in the cage. Around 1:00 in the afternoon they hooked the chain to my collar, opened the cage, and led me by my neck over to the wooden coffin cage that is on the other side of the room.  I was put into it and the lid around my body was locked shut. Then they dropped the neck collar chain into the head portion of the box and locked that. I stayed in the coffin box for three hours. I like the coffin box. It is a very intense confinement. Time crawls at a very slow pace though and it can become quite an ordeal after a while.

At around 4:00 I was removed from the coffin box and they told me that I needed to perform in one of the videos that I had written. I was taken to my regular cell and they gave me some leather clothing to put on. After I was dressed, I was cuffed behind my back before the cell door was opened, and they locked the leash back on to my collar. I was then taken down to the basement where Dart Tech was already strapped down spread eagle to the floor using some special stretching bungee straps. One of the guys ran the camera, and the other two guys guarded the door to make sure that I did not attempt to escape during the performance time. When you see a video of me acting as the sheriff in Appleville, or Jail Bound, or dominating someone on camera, you do not see what is going on just outside the view of the camera. I always do my videos while being carefully supervised. They release me only long enough to do the scene, and then at the end I am collared, cuffed, and taken back to a cage.  For this scene I was to act very seriously as I tickled Dart Tech with no mercy. It took about an hour to do the shoot. 

When we were done, they decided that I should be strapped down the same way. Mark Burnley, who was visiting, wanted to shoot a video of me using some new gear that he had purchased for the wrists. Dart Tech and the others left so that they could get some food.  I called it a lunch break, although I guess it would have been more of a dinner break. At any rate, while I was still down in the spread eagle, Dart Tech came back. He had decided that since I tickled him showing no mercy, that he was going to turn the tables and get me back. So, now in my turn I was tickled with no mercy.

After they were done shooting the video content, they left me restrained in the spread eagle for a while. As I stayed confined on the concrete basement floor, I heard them go upstairs. They were talking and laughing. I don’t know much of what was going on up there, but I think they were doing some bondage on the main floor above me.  In an hour or so, a couple of them came down and took me back to my cell.  There was already a tray of food for me.  My collar chain was locked back to the cell wall, and I was left to eat my meal.  They came back to get my tray and brought me my laptop so that I could do my website work.  I also wrote this journal entry.  I am sure that it will not be long, and they will come back to take away this computer, and I will be left alone here in this cell to sleep. I am not totally alone though, two other guys are going to be sleeping in the adjoining cells tonight. I hope that they get locked in too.   ​

Check back here for more journal entries by Mark Bind about his adventures living in captivity.

Journal 3

This morning, after I had my usual breakfast in my cell, Dakota came in and unlocked the chain that connects my neck collar to the wall, and moved me one cell over to the middle cell. This is a larger two man cell.  He then locked the chain to that wall and left me. I spend a lot of time with this metal collar on, chained to things like an animal. Dakota did not leave me a blanket or bucket for me to use in this cell, so I knew that my time in this cell was not going to be long.  I waited for about thirty minutes. I could hear several guys faintly in the distance talking. It sounded like they were possibly shooting a bondage video out in the front room. 

Several guys are hanging out at the jail, and they have been doing a lot of play. Strap Wizard was one of the visiting guys. He, and a cameraman, came into my cell and told me that he had prepared a big surprise for me.  It was a big ball. I reluctantly said, “Okay”. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but knew that I should just go along with the flow. With the camera rolling, he locked the chain leash from the wall of the cell and led me out into the front room of the house.  There were four guys standing just out of the range of the camera acting as guards to watch me. Whenever the shackles are being taken off of me in an open room, it is done under the close supervision of guards to make sure that I do not try to escape. I am enjoying my lifestyle so I would not escape, but their ability to take over my property and do what they want to in my dungeon and jail, is dependent on them keeping me away from freedom. Basically, if I go free, they lose out.

I saw a large latex mass in the middle of the floor. Dakota Duke was standing next to it.  I knew that it was something that he had brought, because he is so much into rubber. They had decided that I should get into it. It was a very large inflatable ball. They took the shackles off me. All metal had to be off so that it would not damage the latex. I crawled in to the big blob and they sealed me in. I heard a vacuum cleaner go on, and slowly pressure increased all around my body.  I had a gas mask on for air. In a short time I felt lost in a pitch black pressurized womb. It was quite an impressive feeing.

At the end, I was taken out and then shackled back up. Strap Wizard took me back to the middle cell and locked me in.  A short time after they stopped shooting video, they moved me into the intake cell where there is a desk and internet, so that I could catch up on my website work. I spent the rest of the day up until now in this cell. I know that they were all having a good time today with bondage, while I sat here, locked in a cell, editing video content. I cannot complain. I am the one who set things up so that I wouldn’t be free anymore.

Journal 4

Yesterday, I was working on my website in the intake cell. I did not have access to the entire cell because my metal neck collar had a chain leash locking me to the wall next to the desk.  I got so involved with working on the website that I forgot about the fact that I was doing it all while in bondage. As I worked, I could hear the guys who are my captors in the background playing and talking from time to time. 

I didn’t expect to be out for any more special bondage for the rest of the day, but, around here, I have learned to expect the unexpected.  Harold and Dakota came down to harass and taunt me. I saw that there was a cameraman with them, so I knew that they had something planned for me to do. They took me out of the cell and led me upstairs. On the way up, Dakota told me that they were going to show me something really unique. I quipped, “Will it be as unique as your nose ring?”  He ignored my comment.

When we got upstairs, I was brought into the upstairs dungeon room. There was a very unique and old straitjacket laying on the tie down bed.  It was from England.  They said that it was made in the 1920s. They put it on me and tied me down to the bed with it. It was really a cool straitjacket. I have never seen anything like it before. I was happy to try it on. After the video was shot of me in it, they left me in, and locked me into the room. I ended up dozing off to sleep. It felt very relaxing to me.

An hour or two later, they came back in and took me out of the straitjacket, but instead of taking me back downstairs, they locked me in the small wooden cage under the tie down bed where I ended up sleeping for the night.

This morning they fed me breakfast in the little box and then left me there.  Then I got my lunch in the box. Still later, I ate my dinner in the box.  My whole 24 hour period was just spent locked in a space two feet wide, and six feet long, with just enough room to sit and lie down. I guess they were having fun.

After dinner, they took me out and let me have a shower. I was led by the leash on my collar down, while I wore my wrist shackles down to the secure shower in the jail. And then I was given some time in the intake cell where I had left my laptop yesterday. 

Here I am now, catching up on my writing, and taking care of some website issues that came up. There is always someone who cannot find their password. Often the problem is just that it got sent to their spam folder. But I can look the password up for them, so it is no big deal for me, as long as they realize that I am not always at my computer to help them.

They told me that tonight I am going to sleep in the metal sweat box in the basement dungeon. Yuck. That is my least favorite space to spend the night. It is stuffy, humid, and cramped. There is no way to lie down flat in it.  Oh well. Such is the life of one who has no freedom. 

Bind's Journal

These are selected journal entries from Bind as he lives a life in full captivity.  I will be adding to these as I sort through my journal entries to find the most interesting ones. Some of these are in order, and some of the entries are random.

Journal 1

I am locked in the small metal strap cage right now. This is the cage where I did so much of my writing in the early days of this website. My captors slid my laptop to me through the slot so I could do the update on this website. They told me that after I was done with that, they wanted me to write something new to put on the website in the writings section. It has been a while since I have written anything, and I am not sure what to write. So I thought that maybe you would like to learn what my life in captivity is like these days. I thought that perhaps I should start journalizing it again from time to time so you can get an idea.

Yesterday, I woke up in the small solitary cell. This is only one of several places that I get locked into at night. The five foot by six foot cell is probably the largest space that I ever sleep in. I usually sleep wearing a prisoner uniform.  If I am in the cell, I have a bucket, toilet paper, bottle of water, pillow, pad, and a sleeping bag. The cell is all metal with a two foot barred door in the front. When it is sleep time, I have no computer or cell phone. The lights are turned off, and there is nothing for me to do except sleep. I usually sleep in a prison uniform wearing leg irons, heavy long chain handcuffs, and a metal neck collar which has a chain locked from it to the wall of the cell.

It is important to my captors to keep me in a state of high security at all times. You see, if I ever escape, they may lose having the run of my place.  My constant imprisonment guarantees that they can continue to stay at my place, use my bondage toys, and have fun here. After all, how can I kick them out when I am being kept a prisoner here? There are times when I wonder if this was such a good idea. I spent several years getting this set up in such a way that I could lose all of my freedom, yet still run a website and do what needed to be done. I finally accomplished my dream, and now I have to live it. They know that even if I beg for release, they are not to let me out. Believe me, there have been a few times when I did try to get released, but they will not let me out. I definitely screwed myself. But I have settled into this lifestyle of imprisonment now, and am content in it. I have given up a lot of things to live like this, but I made a choice and now I have to live with that choice.

I see I digressed a bit.  Let’s get back to me waking up in metal cell yesterday morning.  I probably woke up around 6:00 when I usually do, but then had to just wait for them to finally get up themselves and fix some breakfast for me.  I usually wait two or three hours after I wake up before I see anyone. So I just sit and wait in my cell. There is not much I can do while wearing the shackles, and chained in the cell.  Around 8:00 my breakfast was given to me through the slot.  Breakfast is usually served to me on a metal tray. On Sunday, the guy who slid the tray to me hardly said a thing. He just shoved it to me and quickly left. I could hear a few guys in the background laughing and talking, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I finished my simple breakfast and put the tray in the slot out of the way and rested back on the bed. The bed is really just a raised concrete slab with a pad on it, but it works for me.

About an hour after I ate, my tray was picked up and that was it. I waited, and nothing happened till lunch. I was fed a sandwich and given some chips, and then nothing again till dinner. I was fed some spaghetti, and then after I ate, the lights were turned off. That was my whole day.

My day of solitude was spend sleeping, thinking, trying to pace the floor (but the collar and shackles made it difficult to do), and using the bucket. According to the rules of my imprisonment, they are allowed to leave me in solitary like this for no more than five days.  This was the fifth day, so I knew that the next day would be different. I was looking forward to it. I really needed a shower. I felt sticky and I knew that I smelled bad. That is probably why they dropped off, and picked up my food tray so quickly. I always wonder what they are doing when they leave me for these long periods alone.  

This morning I woke up in my cell and was given the usual breakfast through the slot. My tray was picked up and shortly afterwards; one of the guys came back and unlocked the door to my cell. He told me that I stank and it was time for a shower. He put a chain around my waist and then locked my shackled wrists to it, and then he unlocked the chain leash from the side of the cell. He grabbed the chain and yanked me by my collar and took me out of my cell. He took me to a bench and had me kneel on it. He removed the leg shackles and then took me to the secure shower area. I was locked into it and then he reached though the slot and took all of my shackles off. He gave me a towel and a new uniform to wear. 

The shower really felt good. After my shower, I was chained up again and taken down to the cage that I am in now.  It is a two and a half foot wide by four foot long cage. I can sit in it with just enough room that my head does not hit the top. I was given my laptop and told to get my work done and catch up on needed communications. So here I sit. What happens next…who knows?

Journal 5

I slept the night in the solitary cell number three.  This morning, shortly after I was fed breakfast, Dart Tech came into my cell and unlocked the chain from the wall that was the leash to my metal neck collar. Then, he went back out and locked the door to my cell. I could hear a lot of moving and activity going on out in the cell block, but could not see anything from my vantage point.  I did recognize the voice of Mark Burnley, who runs the website SeriousMaleBondage. He was directing the crew to move something and to adjust some lighting that they were setting up. Setting up the lighting and other things for a video shoot can take hours to do.

After a couple of hours of listening to them set something up, Dart Tech came back in. He was completely dressed up in his SWAT gear. He looked quite hot in it.  He reached through the bars of my cell and took off my collar and removed the heavy irons that I had been wearing. He had my put my hands behind my back through the cuff slot. My hands were cuffed. Too more guards came and stood by the door as he opened it up and commanded me not to move.  They strapped my black leather muzzle onto my face and instructed me to stay put. Dart Tech held on to me as the two guards left the room.  

Mark Burnley came in and started to run the camera.  Dart Tech led me out of the cell into the cell block. At the end of the cell block was my wooden bondage chair with all of it's leather straps and buckles. I could see that in the background, outside of the cell block, were blue lights that had been set up as background color. 

I was walked down the hall and then pushed against the wall. Not a word was spoken as he took the handcuffs off of me. I could see that I was still locked in the cell block, and two guards were also standing just outside of the camera view. Escape would certainly be impossible for me. I did not resist. I let Dart Tech do whatever he wanted to do.  I was excited to be going into the bondage chair, and the chemistry of what was happening was magical.

He strapped me in and stared at me. I stared back. I knew that this was going to be a special video that was being shot. The magic was there. It was sure working for me.  Dart Tech left me there, and then the cameraman and crew left the room and turned off the lights. I was left alone strapped to the chair, locked in the cell block. I could not move. The feeling of confinement was severe and so wonderful. The image of a policeman putting me in was etched into my mind. I drifted off. After a while, Dart Tech came back and we had some fun off camera playing that I will not be writing about. Some things are best kept private. 

I was in the chair a couple of hours before I was moved into the intake cell where I could do some work on this website and write this journal entry. Lunch was fed to me through the slot, and I am back in my neck collar and leash which is locked to the wall of this cell.  

Dart Tech told me that when I finish my work here, he is going to take me down into the dungeon where I will spend some time locked in the sweat box.