I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep a balance in life. Here are several areas in your life to consider. 

Social: You should spend a portion of your life in relationships. You need a social life. Friends, family, groups, and finding a soul mate are important for your mental well being.

Education: A portion of your life should be balanced with gaining more education. Just because you are finished with school doesn’t mean that you should stop learning.

Work: If you want to live a quality lifestyle, you will need to work. Not only does hard work pay off with getting the material things that you need as well as some of the extra things that you want, but it is also good for the soul.  Hard work is an important part of mental health.

Exercise: Getting regular exercise is part of staying healthy for both the body and the mind.

Service: Giving of yourself in service is a way to not only help humanity that is around you, but it helps your self-image. People who serve others are happier people. They are usually well liked, and when you help others, it helps yourself in many ways that you only discover later.

Recreation: Everyone needs recreational time. This is an important part of keeping your balance. For most people, doing the recreational things is not a problem for them to do. Most people spend too much time in their recreational activities and get out of balance because of it. But there are others who spend so much time working that they don’t allow enough time for recreational activities.

Spiritual: It doesn’t matter if you are religious, or if you are atheist. We all need a degree of spirituality in our lives. It is in our genes. Spend some time in meditation each day. If you believe in God, spend some time in prayer. That is a form of meditation. We all need to get in touch with whatever it is that is deeper inside of us.

These items are areas in your life that need to be in place in order to keep yourself healthy mentally. If any of them is missing, then you are out of balance in your life. If you are doing too much of any one of them, you are also out of balance. Keeping the balance does not mean giving each thing equal time. It is about finding the right balance that fits you the best. Only you know what that is. It is always a balancing act to keep it all in check. Getting out of balance often results in addictions, health problems, and unhappiness. So listen to the old guy who lives in a cage. Keep your life in balance!