Addictive  Behavior

There is nothing wrong with being kinky, doing bondage, and alternative life styles. Just as there is nothing wrong with drinking a little wine, or having a beer once and a while, engaging in bondage is also just fine. Hopefully you already know where I am headed with this conversation. Eating food, having some chocolate cake, doing a little bit of gambling at Las Vegas for a day or two in moderation…all of those things are fine. When does it become addictive behavior? It is unhealthy behavior when it interferes with your job, family life, and social life.  If your life is kept in balance, then kink, legally done, is not a problem. Things such as alcohol, gambling, food, sex, and bondage can be addictive if you do not keep it in check. As long as you are balanced and functioning in your relationships and responsibilities, those things are okay. But when they take over your life, you have a big problem.

There are a lot of people out there that, in my opinion, are engaging in addictive behavior dealing with kink and bondage that is not healthy. If you are spending more than a couple hours a day on Recon, Fetlife, Facebook, or watching porn, then you probably are exhibiting unhealthy addictive behavior. If you are staying at home and do not have a job, and are on the computer much of the day searching for bondage pictures and engaging in cyber networking rather than looking for employment, then you have a real problem. If you are engaging in endless pursuits for bondage images and chatting on line about bondage when you should be working, taking care of things around your house, and keeping a balance in your life, then you have a problem. If you are over 25 and still living with your parents, or if you are a dependent of a friend, spouse, or relative and are not working (unless you are disabled or have enough money accumulated to take care of yourself the rest of your life, then you are in deep shit.  You better stop wasting your time before time runs out for you.  Just as too much chocolate cake is not healthy or too much gambling… too much focus on "bondage" and "kink" is also not healthy and is addictive behavior showing a lack of balance in your life. If you are watching too much porn, staying on the computer entertaining yourself for hours on end, then stop it and get your life back into balance.

There are certain things that must take priority in your life.  Getting yourself self supporting and not dependent on others is the first one.  Watching T.V., spending time on the internet reading stories, looking at pictures, and talking to people all over the globe on the social networks will not help you in what needs to be your first priority. If you get the balance right and get your house in order first, then you will be able to focus more on other fun pursuits. Work has to come before play. If you just drift along in life and engage in addictive behavior, then you will eventually find yourself screwed in life. You will only have yourself to blame,( although most losers will blame society or others for thier failures and laziness.) 

If you are complaining that you do not have enough money to get an apartment, car, buy gas, pay for your internet, gas, electric, phone, etc., and at the same time are not spending at least eight hours a day either working making a substantial income, or spending eight hours a day looking for a job that will give you the needed income, or getting the education that will make your skills valuable enough for someone to pay you a substantial income, then you have no right to complain, you are what society calls, "lazy". This is your only life to live. Grab that brass ring and live life. Figure out how to do it on your own. And live life to its fullest. Do not settle for just drifting along in life.