‚ÄčAbout Mark Bind

I am a man who is really into bondage.  I like all kinds.  You could say that I am a bondage connoisseur.

I have a background as an artist. I owned two art galleries that operated for over two decades. I was also a professional escape artist and performed hundreds of shows. Before that I used to buy run down homes and fix them up and sell them. I have worked as an illustrator, cowboy, patients rights advocate, actor, writer, and set designer in the past.

I currently run this website that shows bondage videos that contain no adult sexual content. I decided to be different and offer this to those, such as me, who do not wish to view pornography. I operate the website in hopes that some of you will read my more serious writings about acceptance of others, tolerance, and  keeping a balance in life. This website is designed to be fun as well as to help and educate people.

I own an old county jail in Iowa where I spend my summers. I do realistic jail role playing there. Many of my videos are shot there as well. 

I think it is important to care about, and to help people.  I used to volunteer as a patients rights advocate in locked mental hospitals. Don't get any ideas that I did it for any kinky reasons. I did it because I wanted to help the ignored people in society. My experiences working with the patients caused me to become passionate about keeping kids off of drugs (particularly off of "crack"). I have gone on line and given advice to people who are trying to find their identity.  I am no therapist or doctor, but I have been around for a while and I have a lot of empathy for people who don't feel like they fit in.  After all, I was one of them.  

Although I am really a "sub", I know how to restrain  a guy in play because I understand the mindset.  I find it fun to give them their fantasy as long as no sex is involved. The fun for me is creating the fantasy for them and seeing how much they enjoy it and the relief they get for having finally lived it.  It can really take the edge off of the severe fixations for some guys. 

I am a people person and love to talk. I love the diversity that is in the world and like to find out what makes other people tick. I don't judge anyone for being different than me. I am very open about my interests in bondage and the fact that I am a gay man. Of course there are some settings where keeping quiet about my interests is most appropriate.  I am also  interested in psychology.  I have spent many hours going through the latest studies about bondage and sadomasochism. In the past, I have presented some of the materials that I have found on this website as a help for others who are trying to figure out why they are like they are. The bottom line: most people who are into bondage are perfectly normal.

I am disgusted by the prejudice and discrimination that I see by those who profess faith in a God that tells them not to judge others. It weakens any trust that I had in religion. It also tells me that some people need religion that would tell them over and over again not to be discriminatory. I think that people should be good and help each other, not because of any reward in the future, but because it is the right thing to do.

I live a rather unique lifestyle. I live much of my life in captivity which is what I like. I am let free long enough to do the work and things that need to be done on the outside. But when the work is done, I am back in my cage. I sleep and do much of the work on this website in while imprisoned. It is a lifestyle that works for me, but would probably drive most people up the wall. Many people judge me harshly for what I enjoy, but it just shows their intolerance and I only feel pity for thier narrow mindedness.

I guess calling myself a slave is the ultimate in wanting to serve other people. It certainly keeps me in a humble position. Shouldn't all of us serve each other?