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Los Angeles, California:  If you are interested and tough enough to endure real intense imprisonment, fill out the application below.  Just know that once you sign the contract as a volunteer prisoner and we take you into custody, there is no turning back.  You will lose your freedom and shall be restrained and locked up under high security for the entire duration of your contract.  Your dream of solid and severe imprisonment can turn into your reality.  Do you really want to be a prisoner?  This will be your chance to find out.  For many men I expect that their experience will be life changing. 

I have many different scenarios that can be done including:

Imprisonment as a convicted felon
Prisoner of War imprisonment
Imprisonment in a mental ward of an old  correctional facility
Just some down time in lock up
Imprisoned as a hostage
Just experiencing some intense bondage or human storage.
Dreamlike imprisonment scenarios

Imagine yourself being met at the airport by officers who pick you up and arrest you.  Imagine driving to the prison in handcuffs and leg irons.  Imagine watching the large doors open up on the sally port and driving into it and watching as the overhead door closes and locks you in.  Now imagine it as you are led out of the prison transport vehicle and marched in chains into the prison proccessing area. Another door closes and locks behind you. You get fingerprinted, photographed at the line up wall, and your possessions are taken and stored in a safe.  Imagine a strip search in a holding cell, then being issued a real prison uniform to wear.  Next imagine it as you are marched into the cell block in irons where you enter your assigned cell.  Listen as the heavy metal prison door slams behind you locking you into four layers deep of security.  You are really imprisoned.  You are a real prisoner.  It is as real as if you were in a real prison.  But this prison has more than a real prison.  This is a prison on steroids!  You will find yourself in more restraints and chains than any real life prison.  This is where your fantasy becomes real solid hard fact!  If this sounds good to you, know that this can be you.  You can experience the most intense real imprisonment role play vacation ever offered!  Space is limited. 

You may choose to go heavy on the role playing or no role play.  You set up your prison fantasy and then you live with the consequences. 

The way your imprisonment plays out is up to you within the parameters of what we offer.  There can be corporal punishment, stress position restraining, and different role plays.  What we do not offer is anything sexual.  No sexual contact or acts of any kind are permitted in the facility.

If you are interested in getting imprisoned at Men's Central Prison, fill out the application below. I will respond to all applicants who pay the fee. You are paying for me to respond to your application and to be considered as a prisoner.  This is not payment for imprisonment or any other service.

Attention!!  Applications are now being accepted.  An application fee is required to be considered. 

Special News flash!!  Men's Central Prison is about to expand into a new larger facility.  We will have additional cells, a sally port, and more space for the imprisonment of convicts such as you.

   Prisoner Application  (small fee required)


The P.O.W. at Men's Central Prison

Photo Tour of Men's Central Prison
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The centerpiece of the cell block it the solitary confinement cell. It is only thirty inches wide and six feet long. There are eleven connecting "D" rings inside in order to chain up the worst of the worst. This is a most oppressive space to find yourself locked into.

This is Cell number two. It has a built in bunk bed, a sink with hot and cold water, and a portable flush toilet. The walls and ceiling are of heavy gauge sheet metal, the floor is concrete, and the lock on the cell door came from a jail in Texas. There are connecting "D" rings inside the cell in order to restrain the most high security prisoners.

Here are some of the metal restraints that are put into use at Mens Central Prison

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Mens Central Prison is well equip with uniforms, restraints of various types as well as the tools for giving out corporal punishment to the convicts.

Mens Cenral Prison has five cages of various types for punishment and extreme incarceration. In this picture you can see three of the cages.

The emergency restraint chair is one of the most useful tools for restraining aggressive and dangerous prisoners at Mens Central Prison.

An hour or so in this Bondage Chair turns into sheer torture after a fairly short period of time. It is useful for punishment as well as getting prisoners to give us information. Thank you to our sponsor, "Boyz Shop" for donating this equipment. We took it and added a few changes to make it even more severe.

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Cell number 2, bunk A can be converted into a bed cage. Here you can be locked in a cage, locked in a cell, locked in a cell block, locked in a secure building. What could be higher security than that?

Here is an overview of most of this small prison. It is intended to be small, cramped, and oppressive.

Come join us. Our doors are always closed to you. We always have a clean uncomfortable cell for you, I am Officer Bind, and we'll keep the light on for ya. The "Hotel California" is real now. You can check in, but never leave!...well, until you serve your time.

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