was designed for individuals who are interested in seeing consenting adult men tied up and restrained in various ways, but do not wish to see any graphic sexual content. contains no graphic sexual images or depictions of any sexual acts. Although we have documentation of models and actors appearing on this website, there is actually nothing pornographic on this website that would require documentation to be in compliance with any of the rules of U.S.C. 2257. However, this website still has created its own rules to show no content of anyone under the age of 21 being involved with the consensual act of restraining each other for recreational purposes. is committed to providing non-pornographic bondage related entertainment. is owned by Mark Gudmundsen Enterprises. We have records of compliance  and model release forms from both our website and our affiliate website, where we share content.  Our records for compliance are located at: 18 East Central Avenue, Hampton, IA.  You may contact the owner of this website by sending an e-mail to: